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Jul 28, 2016

What is Erotic Fan Fiction, put simply it is witting your own story based on the characters or setting of someone has created. This is based on our article by Victoria Blisse.

Is it legal to create your own fan fiction? Turns out that is a tricky question. You need to understand copyright and how it is applied in your country.

Since 1995 Copyright is granted on all creative works up to 70 years after the authors death. At which point it becomes public domain. Before 1956 most content isn't copyrighted at all, but make sure you read the law before you do anything with them.

Some useful articles:

Example: Sherlock Holmes

Correction: Almost entirely in the public domain

Because of a quirk in the copyright law (published before 1956) some of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories have been granted 95 year protections after the author died. That means 10 of the 56 Sherlock Holmes stories (published between 1923 - 1927) are actually still in copyright.

In 2013 this was challenged in a court in the US (and subsequently the US court of appeal) rejected the claim that having 10 stories still in copyright protects the entire character as wrong. It points out that only character traits adding in those final 10 stories is still in copyright, everything else about Sherlock Holmes and his world is public domain.

Sources (Telegraphy, TechDirt)

Where did 50 shades come from?

50 Shades of Gray was originally Twighlight fanfiction. Pixie had trouble seeing how the two of them could be the same characters. But if you change the names, remove the vampire element, you basically have the same story. Older man seduces and controls the innocent young girl and has his wicked way with her (really could be any book).

Trekies introduced me to fanfiction

Correction: I totally forgot they had all the artwork they had both been given as well as the stories that had been created.

Jul 21, 2016

This week we are talking about erotic video games based on the article by Girl on the Net. There is a lot of fun in this article with a lot of memories for both of us.

Leisure suite larry

We strat with the classic game "Leisure Suite Larry", but we go back even further to the ZX Spectrum and how there is even sexy games on that, and lots of them. Check out (world of spectrum)[]

If we go right back to the dawn of the Internet, before there were web pages there was bulletin boards. On there you (could get ASCI art porn)[].

Girlfriend simulators

What about girlfriend simulators? That is a real thing especially in Japan. we talk about what they are and Andrew explains what one is like. Then things take a turn for the more strange and we talk about the weird pigeon girlfriend simulator

We muse on what an English girlfirend simulator would be like... Cups of tea, hard nips, and drizzle is the conclusion.

Other cultures have a huge effect on sex, but why don't we talk about French and Italian sex culture? We know American and Japan, that is all out there.

Cock hero

This is something we had never even heard of. It is literally porn clips with music put over the top, with a bar that tells you when you stroke your bits.

Virtual Reality

Finally we talk a little about virtual reality. It is an emerging technology and of course porn is already exploring it. There is still a lot to learn about where this technology is going to go, and we are really excited by the possibilities.

We even talk about Pokemon Go and how that is affecting your kids and while it is getting kids out, is it something to worry about? Or is it just a fad?

Hak5 did a great video showing off what you can do with 360 video.

Over to you

What do you think? Have you played any of these games? What is your favorite? We would love to know.

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Jul 14, 2016
This is based on our article this week called Erotic audio ( by Victoria Blisse ( When you think of erotica audio isn't the first thing that springs to mind. Books and art are the first things we think of, but why not? Find out why. Erotic audio can take many forms. It can be stories you find online, listen to other people reading. Or it can be stories you speak to someone else or even record for them. Find out more about Mystery Vibe ( Has KD Grace ( (an awesome author) read The Dresden Files? We listened to one of her stories at Eroticon and it made me wonder. Find out some more about the great KD Grace on her website ( We also talk about Girl on the Net and her book ( and how I would love her to read her own book. Plus I RANT about The Dresden Files, specifically the TV version which they utterly killed.
Jul 8, 2016
This week we are discussing the article "The surprising life of a Camgirl" ( written for us by Erryn Embers ( Follow burlesque artist Tickety Boo on twitter ( "If people take the time to look behind the stereotypes then we can help to end the sex work stigma"