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Apr 28, 2017

Anxiety at Events

This week we are talking about anxiety and events. Based on the post written for us by Princess of Kink. Anxiety is something that affects a lot of people but everyone tends to feel they are alone in it, when really everyone in the room and be feeling it some extent.


Cornwall Teen Disciplined for Extreme Hair Style [2:02]

A teenager in Cornwall is being forced to study on his own after he had his head shaved to support his friend who has cancer. Normally this is something I can understand, a school has to have a certain level of uniform with their students, but it seems a little extreme to punish this boy when he was doing such a good thing for his friend and charity.

Read more on the BBC

Another connected vibrator is found to be totally insecure [6:03]

Recently I wrote an article for EAN magazine on the We Vibe that had been found to be sending back usage information to the company every time it was used. Another one has been found to be totally insecure.

Read more about it on Endagadget

Judge calls rapist "A good man" [8:52]

A judge in Utah called the Mormon bishop he just sentenced for raping a woman "A good man". It is unbelievable that this judge showed such poor taste as he praised the rapist in the dock in front of the victim.

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Federal judge says if men can walk down the street topless then sho can women [15:25]

The case is still going on but the judge in Fort Collins made the point hat if men can do it then women should be able to as well. We are really hoping that this gets upheld because it is unfair that womens breasts are seen as only being sexual objects when men don't have that problem.

Read the story

Anxiety and Events [21:21]

It is something that is so common yet people think they are on their own. We talk about the ways anxiety can hit and how it can affect someone.

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Apr 20, 2017

This week we are talking about our article on Couples with Depression written by Princess of Kink.

In case you didn't know there was a hurricane in New Zealand (Pixie's homeland) but fortunately it mostly missed the land and everyone was OK.

But before we go into that there are a couple of rants.

We got screwed on something [3:13]

We have been working on latex clothing for going on for a year, it is a labour of love for us. But it isn't kinky, it isn't about sex. It is about great looking fashion for plus-size people. Something that isn't really out there, something we feel is important.

So we were sorting out a photo shoot. It was going to be a 50's inspired shoot on the beach wearing one of our dresses. Not a fetish shoot, but just a straight fashion shoot. The model would be more covered up in our pictures than in most beach shots.

We hired a beach hut to use while we were there, mostly to use to get changed in, store the gear, do makeup in etc. We wanted to doa few shots with the hut as a background but nothing more than that. Found a company and had it all booked.

Then the company got in touch and wanted to know what we were doing. So I told them (big mistake). They decided to cancel the booking because they didn't think latex was appropriate.

This isn't the first time we have come against this sort of discrimination and I'm sure it won't be the last time.

A big thank you and praise

We just want to say a big thank you for Godemiche (Adam and Monika) and everyone who has been so supportive when we talked about this on twitter.

Check out Godemiche's weekly live show on Tuesdays at 10pm on Instagram, Perescope, Facebook. They are always fun and really imformative.

Couple with depression [25:30]

This weeks was a really honest and open article about what it is like when both people in a relationship suffer from depression. It isn't something that is really talked about very often. It is always just assumed that one of the people in the couple will help the other one.

But sometimes that just isn't the case. When both sides of the relationship are suffering who is going to help them?

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Apr 14, 2017

Show notes coming soon

Apr 6, 2017

This week we are talking about our post on Sex and Depression written by Jillian Boyd. It is a very important subject and while it can be tough it is something we need to talk about.

Check out the fantastic story of an Alabama drive in owner who refused to show Beauty and the Beast because of a gay character, but was going to show a film about Drag Queens - Thanks CallMeCara.


Man in makeup charged with a felony [2:50]

A man is being held on a bond for doing nothing more than wearing Joker make-up. Because in the Virginia it is illegal to 'wear a mask'. Outrageous.

Find out more on IO9

UK Ministers want access to all of our encrypted messages [5:05]

The conversation continues with the UK government want access to all of our encrypted messages. Check out Computerphile's video on End to End encryption if you are a little nerdy.

Find out more on The Verge

Drupal software developer kicked out for liking BDSM [9:55]

A prominent software developer who helps develops the Drupal content management system. Has been asked to distance himself from the project because he likes BDSM.

Find out more on The Reg

Pupils support Milton Keynes teacher [15:15]

Go to the article and see the picture then wonder why a school has suspended her. Besides the fact there is nothing in the picture to worry about, it was done entirely in her own private life.

Pixie Praise

Manchester to open a retirement centre of LGBT citizens [21:20]

Manchester city council will be the first to open a retirement centre for LGBT citizens. This is fantastic, because they do have different wants and needs from others.

Find out more from Pink News

Sex and Depression [24:50]

Depression is a horrible and debilitating condition, it can and does affect every aspect of your life. But something that isn't talked about it how it can screw up your sex life.

Something that is so important to the core of so many people can be horribly affected without any warning at all.

It is a really great article and we can't fully do it justice.

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