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Nov 25, 2016

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This week we are talking abou the article created for us by Layla calledA Long Explanation from a Lesbian with a Boyfriend. This is a great article by Layla.

Eatchquake in New Zealand

This last week there has been a series of huge earthquakes in New Zealand (Pixie's homepand). Fortunuately only a few people have died. But that hasn't stopped the huge devestation that has affects both islannds.

Our thoughts are with you all, hope it is all OK for you.

Nov 17, 2016

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This week we are talking about the article created for us by Molly Moore all about Long Distance Relationships.

But before that

Trump elected

It has to be talked about, it is a significant turning point in American history. It is something we honestly didn't think would happen. While we both find it hard to understand there have been a number of programs exploring who voted for Trump. While it is easy to dismiss them when you listen to why they have voted the way they have I can understand it.

What has happened here with Brexit isn't so far away from what has happened in the US. People have become sick of the established politicians and the lies they say to keep their jobs. They want something different and in the US Trump has presented that option.

It is a unique time in world history, it will be interesting to see what happens.

The lasting legacy... the supreme court

The most worrying part for me isn't the things he might do during his presidency isn't he will do during his time in office. It is the lasting effect he will have on the country through who he puts onto the supreme court. Those will be people who make decisions for the country for 30 years. The wrong person there can reverse some of the progressive decisions the US has made in the last few years.

Long distance relationships

We wanted Molly to write this one because Molly speaks from experience. Molly was moderating a forum. She started a friendship and that slowly turned into a relationship with Michael being in the US. Now they are happily living together here in the UK.

They are hard work, there is no doubt. But it is entirely possible to get to know someone and fall in love and find a way to make it work.

The most important take away for us was if you do have a LDR. When you do finally get the chance to meet you need to stay focused on enjoying the time you have. You mustn't focus on how short the time is.

Enjoy the time you get to spend with them, and plan to spend more time with them.

Little gestures go a long way

Giving little gestures that show you are thinking of the other person go a long way. Sending a hand written letter shows much more care and attention than any email ever could.

Nov 11, 2016

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Rant of the week: The Kinkly Top 100 List

This last week the Kinkly top 100 list has come out and it has prompted something of a discussion on the value of a list like that. Most notibly from the blogger in the number one spot Dangerious Lilly.

From that she wrote a really interesting article on the value of ranking lists and are they something she wants to support. From there a number of other bloggers have also written their thoughts including Girl on the Net and Emmeline Peaches.

The most amazing part of the discussion is Dangerious Lilly has given her prize money to the Woodhull Conference to enable a couple of bloggers who can't afford to go to make it too the next one.

But on top of that she raises a number of valid points about this sort of competition and does it hurt of hinder the community at large. It is a tough question with points on both sides.

This was especially interesting to us because we are proud to sponsor the Top 100 Sex bloggers list being compiled by Molly from Molly's Daily Kiss. We love her approach because it isn't a popularity contest, it is only judged on the quality of the content. Is it about ranking the community. No it is about recognising who is working hard and who to pay attention too.

To see someone who really only cared about her craft and the people around her checkout Katherine Hepburn's ONLY Academy Awards appearance (she was nominated 11 times, and won 4 times). She wasn't even there to accept an award for herself but to honor her friend. Then see her beat Anne Bancroft, Faye Dunnaway, and Audrey Hepburn all in one go and not even turn up to collect it. Awesome.

Dating apps

Futurama Reference: Don't date robots

This week we are talking about Jilly Boyd's post on Are dating apps the only way?Do dating apps take away the romance of actually meeting someone?

What is the perception of the dating apps, is it to find true love or is it to find someone to shag? Is it really so different from going to a night club to meet someone?

Easy to weed out the idiots

The idiots are out there, the men and women who don't want to know you they just want sex and nothing else. They are out there in real life so it is no wonder they are on the dating apps as well.

The beauty is where in real life they can be hard to spot on apps they usually announce what they want pretty early and you have no worry about just saying no.


One of the problems with a dating app (or any online dating) is you open yourself up to being tricked by the person you are talking too. That is much harder to do when you meet someone face to face.

The anonymity of online interactions makes it much easier to conceal you true identity if you wanted to. It is something to be aware of.

The problem of choice

One of the problems online dating and dating apps has introduced is the problem of choice. Where previously you only had a limited pool of people you could meet now there is an endless stream of potential partners.

So where previously you might have put up with small flaws in someone now you can ditch them because the next person will be perfect.

What do you think?

Do you use dating apps? Do they work for you? What do you like about them? We would love to know.

Nov 4, 2016

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This week

This week it is Halloween so how could we not have something spooky on the show? So we are talking about this weeks article called "How spooky can be sexy" written by Victoria Blisse.

Talking to a couple of people about coming onto the podcast, very exciting and didn't ever thing anyone would want to come onto the show.

Did you nominate for the best sex blog?

Did you put in your nomination for the #Top100SexBlogs2016? If not you have missed your chance. You can see the landing page here with all the nomination on it. So many have been put forward it is going to be a huge task to go through them all.

The list will be ready for the beginning of December. Looking forward to that.

A thing for vampires

For me vampires are not sexy, they are terrifying just as they should be. A vampire is not your friend, it is a monster that wants to kill you. All I can think of is a praying mantis.

For those who don't know, this is Rent-A-Ghost

But why does a vampire represent, why is a vampire sexy? A vampire represents pure power, with no limits or restrictions on what it can do a vampire is all the things we are not. Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac so it is hardly a surprise so many are attracted to them.

Buffy is the start of sexy vampires

We think it is fair to say that Buffy the vampire slayer is probably the start of popularising vampires as being sexy. So it probably fair to blame that show for things like Twilight because without it they just wouldn't exist.

Vampires on film

There are of course two legendary actors who have plated Dracula. Bela Legosi and Christopher Lee. But wonderful actors in their own rights. But for me being English no one compares to Mr Lee. He is my Dracula.

Less sexy

Something that is much less sexy is a film called "The house that dripped blood" that stared John Pertwee as a vampire. There is nothing quiet like it. If you love a bad/good classic horror film then go for it. It also happens to star Christopher Lee, Jon Pertwee, and Denholm Elliott. You couldn't ask for a better cast to make a cheesy film.

You can actually watch the whole thing on youtube.

The Dresden Files

Jim Butcher's series of books following Harry Dresden is a wonderful set of stories all about what it's like as a wizard private eye and living in a city with vampires, werewolfs, faries, demons, etc. They are a great read.


I do love Armstrong & Miller's old school vampires in the modern world.