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Jan 26, 2017

This week we are talking about our post Red Flags written for us byMolly Moore.

Rant - Trump

Trump is President, and if you wanted to ever start a podcast now is probably a good time to do it because you will never be out of material while Trump is in charge.

What was really interesting was the lack of people who actually attended the inauguration. Then the new administration claimed it was the most popular ever in spite of the facts.. claiming them as "Alternative facts".

Sam Bee's report on Steven Mnuchin, the new Treasury Secretary. It is really just horrifying who is being put in.

Listener Suggestion

Thanks for Jess for this suggestion of the BBC Three series "Sex on the Edge" about peoples kinks. From breath play to chastity it covers a real wide range of topics, but does it in a thoughtful and honest way.

It is a really good watch, well worth your time checking out.

Rant - Russia deciminalises violence in the home

It is amazing that in this day and age anyone would think it is OK for a husband to beat his wife. But that seems to be case in Russia, it is perfectly fine.

Article from the Independent.

Red Flags

Molly did a great job laying out some simple red flags everyone should pay attention to when they crop up in your relationship.

None of these are a simple "if it pops up them it is always wrong" but the key thing to understand is if you feel something is wrong then trust your gut.

Key flags to pay attention to:

  • Keep me a secret
  • Naught to I love you
  • Your friends are bad for you
  • Your look nice… but
  • I work evenings and weekends
  • My place is a mess
  • Oh look something shiny
  • Trust your gut

If you are uneasy don't brush that aside. You deserve to be happy in you relationships.

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Jan 21, 2017

This week we are joined by Molly Moore as we talk about this weeks article written by Kayla Lords.

Who is Molly Moore

She is a blogger, a photographer, a published author, public speaker, and the operations director for Eroticon. She also living in a 24/7 D/s relationship with her partner DomSigns. She speaks openly about their relationship and has even been on Channel 4 to talk about how it works for them.

We have been wanting to get Molly on the show for some time and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do it.

So what it is realy like being in a 24/7 relationship

There is a lot of fantasy around what that sort of relationship must be like, but the reality is something very different. Like all realtionships it takes a lot of work to understand the other person in the relationship before you can even start to dive deep into the Domination and submission that both sides want.

Molly talks about how it works for her. What she wants and how they get to something that works for the both of them. She also shares her thoughts on what it takes to make this sort of relationship work and gives some tips on things you can do to make it work, and things you should avoid.

A lot of people in these sorts of relationships say they feel a very deep connection with their partner because opening up about how these things make you feel means you have to share a lot about who you are and what you want. But like all things, it takes work.

Don't miss Eroticon

Thank you too Molly Moore for coming onto the show this week. Make sure you check out Eroticon and come to this amazing event 4th - 5th March. We will be there, and we are really looking forward to it.

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Jan 13, 2017

This week we are talking about relationship anarachy, what it means and what it is. This is based on the blog postRelationship Anarchy: A different approach by Screw Taboo

Shout outs

I spoke to a couple of other podcasters this week, they are great and worth talking to.

The Pageist

The Pageist has a podcast on BDSM and Sex-positive book reviews. This week she reviewed our website andpodcast (always a little nerve wrecking). We are actually going to be on her show very soon. Make sure you check her out, even if you are not that interested in erotica. She covers a lot of non-fiction and a fair amount about herself, and is usually very funny.

Check out The Pageist podcast feed

Kinky Discussions

Kinky Discussions is much more focused on BDSM and the personal experiences of the hosts DC Bear and Tiger Stripes. They have a lot of fun talking about the topic very openly and honestly. Nothing is out of bounds but it is fun and approachable.

We had a great chat about education in the BDSM community and where it can be improved.

Check out their show or catch them on twitter.

Relationship Anarchy

A bit of a strange concept, but one that is worth understanding. Read the article (more then once) and dig into how you feel about it.

What is it

Basically it is all about approaching your relationships from the perspective that you can decide how you want them to be. There doesn't have to be a primary relationship is you don't want one to be, just as your other relationships (sexual or not) can also be very important to you.

You love isn't deminished by loving more than one person.

The basic concept comes from a manifest put out by Andy Nordgren in 2006.

It says:

Love is abundant, and every relationship is unique

Love and respect instead of entitlement

Find your core set of relationship values

Heterosexism is rampant and out there, but don’t let fear lead you

Build for the lovely unexpected

Fake it til’ you make it

Trust is better

Change through communication

Customize your commitments

Post show rant

If you don't know much about Star Wars Rebels then stop now as this is something of a spoiler. But is it right to bring actors back from the dead to star in films?

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Jan 6, 2017

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Welcome to the new year

We hope you have had a lovely Christmas and New Year and are all ready for the year ahead. We have started the new year with more earth quakes in New Zealand with another large quake possible.

Something we didn't think about was keeping track of how many things we made this year. A shame would have been fun to tell everyone.

Digital economies bill in effect

As of the 1st of January your internet service provided is obliged to keep a record of every website you visit. As we have previously talked about the UK government can now do this without any reason to suspect you of anything and will keep the records for a year.


What's new in 2017

This week we are talking about the article written for us by Molly Moore onWhat's new in 2017.

Going out

If you have never done it before why not checkout a fetish market likeBirmingham Bizarre Bazaar or London Alternative Market.

If you are worried there is a great British trick to help you cope. Go and have a cup of tea. Nothing bad can happen while you are having a tea.

There are plenty of other great events you can check out that aren't as scary as going to a full on play event. From Smut UK and their events for erotic writers to the fantastic classes taking place at the Sh Womanstore.

Sh Womanstore

If you are at all worried about going to a sex shop then this is the one to go to, it is only for women (though men can get in accompanied). They are super nice and there to help, or just happy to leave you too it.


Not talking about play events, there are plenty of those happening all the time. But there are also some much more intelectual events you can check out.

Eroticon - for erotic authors and sex bloggers to get together and talk about blogging, making friends, and learning new skills.

ETO - This is the adult trade show that happens every year. This isn't for the public but if you are involved in the industry it is the place to go to see what is new.

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit - Another well established event for erotic writers and sex bloggers, this time in the US.

New toys

There is some very different toys out there that are very different.