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Feb 24, 2017

This week we are talking about what it is like to be a pro-domme. Based on the article written for us by Dominar Jen. We talk about what it was like for where, the ups and the downs.

Before we start. Is it said like "Dom" or "Domm-e"? You hear both ways of saying it out in the world which is the right way? I think you say it like you say the French work "Femme", you would say it "Fem". That way the words "Dom" and "Domme" are actually said the same way because they mean the same thing. They are just written differently to denote the sex of the person.


Woman battles to seperate from husband [1:45]

A UK court tells a woman she must stay with her husband who she wants to divore for no other reason than this was "of the kind to be expected in marriage". This is incredibly unusual in the UK and not something we thought we see here in the UK.

Find the full story on the BBC

Psychologists find people who like BDSM are just like everyone else [6:55]

A great article on Psychology Today written by@MichaelAaronPhD (based on research done by @Dr_Markie_Twist (Website)) about debunking popular myths around BDSM. Based on a actual study done on 200 people, this ethically approved study used a number of standard based approaches to see what people who enjoyed BDSM were really like.

Looking into things like "Do people who enjoy BDSM come from abusive childhoods?". Of course they don't, and the study finds there is no corolation at all between abuse and BDSM.

It is well worth your time reading the study and looking at the tests they actually did.

Being a pro-domme [12:36]

Written for us by Dominar Jen who was a Pro-Domme for a year so is well places to talk about her experiences. She is actually one of this years top 100 sex bloggers which is how we found out about her and her great blog.

What is a Pro-Domme?

The term "Pro-Domme" is a loaded one. It seems to conjour up this image of a beautuful woman, rising crop in hand, and high black boots.

The reality is it is a really hard job where you are providing very personal services to people. But it isn't who that person really is.

Jen makes the great point that she isn't the one in control when she is providing this service. She is Topping people at best, it isn't Doming someone when they are paying for a service.

It was a lot of fun

While she loves Domming people this was a job, and while that means it wasn't always fun it was fun 75% of the time. Which is pretty good for any job.

It's an easy way to make money?

Yeah right. It is far from easy to do this as a job. Sometimes the clients likes will line up with her own but often it just wouldn't but she would still have to do it.

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Feb 16, 2017

This week we are talking about the article written for us by Erryn Embers on Whorepobia.


Where is a good week without a couple of nice rants?

Cinema bans single men from screenings of new 50 shades darker film

A cinema in Ireland has banned single men from seeing the new "50 shades darker" film on their own. It seems the owner of cinema is terrified of women become too caught up in this raunchy film and won't be able to control themselves.

"The film is basically porn for women, going on what the distributors are describing to us."

I hate to say this but women have been able to watch porn for a while now, they even great porn made just for. I don't think this is going to do much for them.

See the original article here.

Anal rape of suspect with policeman truncheon was an accident

Police in France have claimed that an officer anally raped a 22-year-old black man with a truncheon by mistake.

This happened recently in France and has caused a massive outcry. The abuse of black men by police in the country has been appalling. With feelings over the mess reaching fever pitch.

The youth worker suffered such severe injuries to his rectum during an arrest last week in Aulnay-sous-Bois, north of Paris, that he needed major emergency surgery and remains in hospital.

But when an internal investigation has concluded with a finding of "insufficient evidence" that the man was raped.

To his credit the magistrate over looking this was not happy and has charged one of the police officers with rape and is still investigating the case. Three other officers have been charged with assault and all four have been suspended.

See the original article from the Independant.

FetLife forced to censor hundreds of groups

FetLife was forced to take action after one of the large card companies asked for its card processing accounts to be closed. Their only available response was to get rid of any and all questionably content.

It is worrying when a card issuer can force a site to close and give no reason for their decision with no way to appeal the decision.

The DailyXtra has a good article covering what happened.

FetLife's own response

Watching porn in public is harassment

This comes off the back of and article that was on this weeks womans hour (listen to it here) and ended up with an article in the Guardian.

The basic contention being that some guy watching porn in public is harassing women.


Someone we know and have talked to a lot if Charlotte Rose. She is an activist and a sex workers. So it really sickens me when she posted this tweet of what someone was saying to her.

It is a great example of Whorephobia. The hatred of a sex worker for no reason other than that they are a sex worker.

BBC has just put out a great video of "Things not to say to a sex worker" it is only 6 minutes long and well worth a watch.

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Feb 10, 2017

This week we are talking about our article sex work law reform and the Nordic model vs the New Zealand model (if you don't know what that means it is OK we will explain it.) Written by: Screw Taboo


Prove you were raped to keep tax credits

The UK government used Trump's inauguration to sneak out a change to out tax law that will force women who want to keep their tax credits for their third child, to prove it was rape that was the cause of that child. Otherwise they will not receive tax credits.

This is from an article I found in the Independent. It is simply outrageous and utter tone deaf of the government to do something like this.

Bright yellow car vandalised in the Cotswolds for spoiling the view

An 84 year old retired dentist has had is car written off when vandals attacked it during the night. The reason... because it was spoiling the view of their picturesque village.

Find out more from this article in the telegraph.

Misophonia - Turns out I'm mental

If you become angry at the sound of someone eating you might have Misophonia. It is a condition that, when triggered by the right sound, will cause you to get instantly angry.

A whole study was done, check it out in the New Scientist.

Sex Work Law Reform

The difference between the Nordic model vs the New Zealand model. In brief the the Nordic model doesn't criminalise selling sex but keeps buying sex illegal. The New Zealand model entirely legalises sex work in all its forms. Meaning sex works get the rights and responsibilities that all employees and employers have.

We talk about what those two models mean, what the UK law is like, and does it make sense to go down this path of opening it up.

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Feb 3, 2017

This week we are talking about our article based on the Valentine's gift guidewritten by Scandarella. Check out the article for a list of great things you can get for your valentines.

Pornhub statistics

How could I resist checking out the new pornhub statistics for 2016, and they are worth looking at. If nothing else just for the fun they have had with the graphics.

Some of the highlights

  • 3110 petabytes stremed over the year
  • 99 gigbytes streamed per minute
  • 91 billion videos watched

The British are cumming

There is an interesting selection of stats for the British. But the one I understand the least is the term "British Chav" I was hoping we had a little more class than that but it turns out that we don't.

Not just men

The great thing about these statistics is that they show not just the searches but the searches broken down by gender. So not only do women come in around the 30% of all people using the site they are more intrested in searching for the term "lesbian" than men.

Sports events have a huge impact

They have also gone to the trouble is breaking down the major sporting events of the year and show they affect an event like the super bowl has on viewing figures.

Valentines day gifts

Personally we don't feel like you need a specific day to appreciate the love of your life, but if it helps you focus on the other person in your life then enjoy it.

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