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Sep 30, 2017


Australian PM supports church that discriminates against pro-gay straight couple

An Austrailian church has told a straight couple that cannot marry them because they support gay marrage. In letter to the couple, the church’s pastor had written:

“By continuing to officiate it would appear either that I support your views on same-sex marriage or that I am uncaring about this matter. As you know, neither statement is correct.

“Also, if the wedding proceeded in the Ebenezer St John’s church buildings, the same inferences could be drawn about the Presbyterian denomination. Such inferences would be wrong.”

The PM wadded in wanting to protect the rights of chruches to discriminate against who they want to.

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Kid Rock wants to run for Senate in 2018, opens with an anti-LGBT rant

Kid Rock has apparently launched a run for a seat in the Senate in 2018 and decided to open it by ranting about LGBT rights.

“But things shouldn’t be this complicated. And, no, you don’t get to choose, because whatever you have between your legs should determine the bathroom that you use.”

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John McCain wants to block discrimination against transgender people serving in the military

Sentator John McCain wants to allow anyone to serve in the US military if they are willing and able to do so. Their orientation should have no effect on their acceptance.

"When less than 1% of Americans are volunteering to join the military, we should welcome all those who are willing and able to serve our country, Any member of the military who meets the medical and readiness standards should be allowed to serve -- including those who are transgender."

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Sep 26, 2017

It truly is a thrilling job like no other. I get paid to beat up men, while they enjoy every last second of it - it really is as good as it sounds!

For people not into the scene it might sound a little odd, but men with a fetish for wrestling fit gorgeous girls hire me - and other women like me - to fulfil their fantasies. It’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s great for keeping fit, it’s exciting and can be competitive.

Wrestling is a kink of sorts and I think men wrestle women because they enjoy the physicality and closeness it brings. It’s sensual without being sexual. It’s also cathartic - a release from their day to day lives. And they get to feel the raw power that women possess, dispelling the myth we are the weaker sex!

The UK session wrestling scene

There are dozens of ladies on the books of companies across Britain and the scene is much bigger than most people would imagine. In London alone, there are several wrestling businesses and the girls are doing well which tells you that the demand and talent to satisfy it is out there.

Recent expose in mainstream media has certainly helped raise the profile. The quality and diversity of the wrestlers keeps on improving too which makes the scene a very attractive place to be.

Guys are fortunate here too as most of the companies put on live shows which gives them the chance to see girls wrestle each other competitively before getting to sample the delights of the women through ‘mini-sessions’. For the guys, these are great, affordable ways to experience what different girls have to offer.

Regular filming takes place for a number of clip stores that gives people the opportunity to see wrestlers - male and female - in action on the mats via the click of a mouse.

It’s a safe, thriving and thrilling scene full of professional and responsible women determined to provide men with every opportunities to satisfy their deepest desires.

How I got into wrestling

The thrill of competition is what brought me into it in the first place 10 years ago. I’ve been a martial artist since I was a child and I’m trained in a number of styles such as Taekwondo, Judo, Karate, Muay Thai Kickboxing.

I met a model on a shoot who mentioned she was a session wrestler and that peaked my interest. I wanted to learn a new combat sport and asked her to show me the ropes and it took off from there.

I started training, learning the moves and enhancing my skills with each and every match. And of course, I loved doing sessions with men and earning a living from it! I’ve never looked back. I’m a freelance wrestler - on the books of some companies or guesting at other venues either for sessions, filming or appearing at shows.

But every girl is different. It’s not essential to have a background in combat sports before you start wrestling. Many girls do but there are plenty of others who had no experience of fighting beforehand but have gone on to become household names in the scene.

I, myself, had a martial arts background but no real ground fighting skills. The key is a willingness to learn as well as having fun. Get that right and you can develop and make a name for yourself.

Sessions with me

Most requests I get from men are for semi-competitive wrestling sessions, which involve skill and strength but with a huge emphasis on fun and more than a little trash talking!

Sometimes I do get a guy who is strong, experienced and a talented wrestler which makes the session fully competitive and more intense. I also get creative, depending on what a guy is into. For example, I offer foot domination sessions where submissions are earned by using your feet. Others might want more smothers or pins or even beat down style moves used so I accommodate as best I can.

Clothing is important too. Some guys will want me to wear certain things be it bikinis, one-pieces, fishnet tights etc and if it’s in my wardrobe then I’m happy to accommodate. And if it isn’t in my wardrobe, they are more than welcome to buy it for me!

But the crucial thing is they have a great time and get what they wanted out of it - after all, they are paying! I charge £175 per session (the average cost in London is around £150) including a mandatory deposit.

How sessions tend to go are that I turn up, check the venue and ensure the mats are clean and facilities such as showers are working, ensure there are towels and then - when the client arrives - talk through what they want and what their levels are before we get on the mats and have immense fun!

I am grateful, flattered and delighted for the positive feedback I get and am fortunate to have regular clients. They tell me I’m skilful, flexible, beautiful and unique, which is lovely to hear.

What it’s like to wrestle men and women

I have always wrestled both men and women. Both bring different challenges but both are amazing fun.For the men, it’s a turn-on. They’re not usually out to play hard and compete with sheer intensity. It’s a joy for me to make them submit through my range of bendy and flexible moves while they get a total thrill out of the experience.

Women tend to be more skilful and flexible than men and this in turn makes matches more competitive. There is less of the kink element in most of my matches with the girls although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy rolling around with some of the beauties in our scene!

I thoroughly enjoy wrestling both men and women as both excite me in different ways while also giving me two different types of work out.

Getting involved

For anyone starting out or thinking of getting involved, the main thing is having a desire to listen and learn. Training and regular sessions will help you develop.

It is also important to promote themselves on wrestling websites such as WB270 or Session Girls, as well as their own sites and social media.

But always remember to have fun and enjoy it. If you’re not enjoying it, then you are definitely doing it all wrong!

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Sep 19, 2017

When I first discovered I was submissive, I believed myself to be only that. A submissive partner who craved discipline from and the power of my Dominant partner. Those things are still true. What I found out along the way, as I began to explore the world of Dominance and submission more, was that there was another part of me. A part I was afraid to name.

I’m not just a submissive, I’m also a babygirl. Babygirls, and their babyboy counterparts, fall within the little spectrum of what we most commonly call the Daddy Dom/little girl (DD/lg) dynamic. Just because we call it DD/lg doesn’t mean that’s the best name, though. DD/lg can make others who aren’t Daddies or little girls feel excluded which is sad because like any other kind of kink, everyone who wants to experience it, should.

Figuring out my babygirl side and admitting it were difficult processes. I couldn’t admit it to myself at first, and then confessing to my partner, John Brownstone, made my stomach hurt. The reason? I believed a lot of myths about DD/lg, and I wasn’t comfortable with what I thought that said about me. For anyone else who believes they know what DD/lg is all about, it’s time to bust a few myths.

You Must Have Daddy Issues

“Ugh! She called him ‘Daddy.’ Bet she’s got Daddy issues.” Actually, no. Kinksters come from every walk of life so yes, some of us probably do have emotional issues we need to work out about our parents. Being into DD/lg isn’t about solving underlying neuroses we’ve suffered from childhood thanks to our father. Actually, in some ways, it takes the best part of a parental figure - nurturance, guidance, and protectiveness - and wraps it up into a partner that, for many of us, in no way reminds us of our father.

If we all have Daddy issues, how do you account for all the Mommies in the dynamic? Does that mean those people have Mommy issues? Well, I guess if you’re already judging the Daddies, you might think so. Take it from someone who has a relatively positive relationship with her family, no, being into the DD/lg or any other variation isn’t a substitute for the therapy I need to deal with my childhood.

You’re Into Age Play

Age play, defined as a type of role play where one partner assumes the characteristics of a child while the other is their caregiver, is a legitimate fetish and kink. It might include diapers, pacifiers, bottles, toys, and other items associated with children. For a time, the “young child” gives up all control and power to their parental figure who assumes all responsibility for them as you would any child.

Yes, it can be a part of a DD/lg dynamic. No, it doesn’t mean the people involved are pedophiles. More importantly, it’s not some required within the DD/lg dynamic. Like every other kink, some people like it, and others don’t. Many of us who identify as a “little” think of it in a much more abstract way. We still have some autonomy even when we’re expressing our younger side. We’re not all into age play.

DD/lg Isn’t a Real D/s Relationship

From the outside looking in, DD/lg relationships look fairly relaxed. The Dominant partner tends to be indulgent and gentle. The submissive partner may be giggly or even bratty. There’s often a lot of teasing, whining, begging, and otherwise being “little” for the submissive. We do this for a million and one reasons but primarily so that our Dominant will be the caregiver we need in the moment. And for the record, my Daddy Dom can be extremely stern if I really screw up, so don’t think you know about my dynamic when you see the indulgent version first.

For some kinksters who prefer a heavy dose of discipline, protocol, and decorum with their D/s, DD/lg doesn’t look like a power exchange relationship to them. Well, it absolutely is. It may be a gentler exchange, one where comfort and kindness take precedence over discipline and protocol, but the Dominant is definitely in control, and the submissive consents to it. Don’t yuck on my kink just because I do it differently.

DD/lg is Always Heteronormative

DD/lg or Daddy Dom/little girl is the most common name we give the dynamic but that doesn’t mean it has to be heteronormative. Although, yes, I admit that it’s depicted in a much more cis, straight, and white way, and we as a community need to work on that. A more inclusive reference to the overall dynamic is Caregiver/little which doesn’t imply a specific type of Dominant either.

Female-identifying Dominants might use Mommy or Daddy. Not all Daddies want to be called “Daddy.” Both Caregivers and littles come from every aspect of the gender and sexual spectrum. DD/lg or C/l (while unfamiliar to most is probably better) are no different than other D/s dynamics in that what matters most are that the people involved enjoy the power exchange and find what works for them. Names, titles, gender, and sexual preference are unique to the people involved.

You Have to be a Certain Age

Kinksters really can’t win, can we? Either we’re all trying to be children (we’re not) or we’re either too young or too old for it. The assumption, in which our biases show up very clearly, is that in a DD/lg relationship, the Daddy will be older and the little will be younger. But no one is allowed to be too young or too old. Insert eyeroll here.

Older couples, Doms who are younger than their subs, and younger people (as long as you’re of legal age) have every right to express their power exchange, relationship style, and kink in whatever way suits them. Yes, you can be in your 60s and consider yourself a little boy or girl, and a Dominant partner can definitely be younger than their submissive. The only time age matters is in determining if your partner is legal or not.

Everything in BDSM, kink, and D/s exists on a spectrum. There is no one single right way to have a power exchange relationship with someone else. All that ever matters is that you have the consent of your partner, you understand the risks, and you communicate - a lot. After that, call yourself Daddy, Mommy, or All Mighty Leader of the Kink World if that gets you and your partner off.

The Caregiver/little dynamic can be whatever the people involved want it to be. You don’t have to like it to accept it, and you don’t have to want it for yourself for it to be okay for other kinksters. For those who really want the nurturing, gentle, kind D/s relationship that DD/lg represents, don’t reject it because of false myths you believe. Find what works for you, call your partner what you like, and forget what anyone else thinks about how you get your kink on.

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Sep 16, 2017

Each week we talk about an adult themed topic. This week we are talking about Puppy play 101 based on the article written for us by Emmeline Peaches.


Strictly come dancing star offended [4:21]

Strictly come dancing star Susan Calman has said she is "offended" by the row over her dance partner on the show. The openly lesbian comedian has faced critisim online for agreeing to dance with a male partner. She also notes she is getting a lot more critisim than the fellow competitor The Reverend Richard Coles who is gay.

“For the gay community to criticise me and try to get me what they want to do is, I think, as difficult as suggesting the straight community are trying to. No one is holding me hostage in this room, making me wear a dress and dance with a man. I want to learn how to dance,”

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Plus size fashion accused of promoting obesity

This week Lagos in Nigera held a plus size fashion event, it was well attended and showed off all manner of fashions and designs. But it has sparked critisim for promoting obesity through fashion.

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Jacob Rees-Mogg opposes same-sex marriage [7:25]

Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg has said he would go to a gay wedding and would probably enjoy it, despite believing the practice should not be allowed.

"Marriage is a sacrament and the decision of what is a sacrament lies with the Church not with Parliament.”

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Former Australian prime minister says marriage equality will hurt children [15:26]

Former prime minister John Joward thinks that children in the country would face consequences is same-sex marriage was legalised as he puts his support behind the "No" campaign.

“The clear evidence is that you have outcomes that are ­superior for children in the longer term if they have a mother and a father,”

Note: In fact, the Australian Medical Association and the Australia Psychological Society said that there was no scientific evidence to prove that children of heterosexual families had better outcomes.

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Is it wrong to rensent going Dutch on a Tinder date? [20:12]

An interesting article in the Guardian caught my eye this week. Is it right to split the price of a date? What happens when they then ask you back to theirs.

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Pink Chocolate [29:45]

Nestlé have create an entirly natural pink chocolate that uses no artifical colours or ingredients. Read more

Puppy play [33:00]

Puppy play is one of those things you hear about and see on the Internet but don't often get to see first hand unless it is something you are into. This week Emmeline talks about why she enjoys it and what she and her handler get from it.

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Sep 12, 2017

As I was walking my dog today I realized why observing him brought me so much joy.

Dogs are carefree, adventurous, curious, and high-spirited. They are, in every sense of the word, boundless, and they live their life in the moment and to the fullest.

Yet, although dogs may also enjoy independent exploration of the world they also happen to be loving, dedicated, and sweetly submissive. Who wouldn’t want to bring at least some of these traits into their sub/dom dynamic?

What Is Puppy Play?

To give a short synopsis of a rather extensive sub-division of kink, puppy play is a form of fetish in which users get pleasure from either enacting the role of a dog (usually a ‘puppy’ mentality) or through being the owner/handler/trainer of such an individual.

As you can imagine, there’s a lot of roleplay involved in the puppy play fetish, especially for the submissive, who will either take on a partial or total animal persona that they act out in the framework of the scene/play session that they’re part of.

The Appeal

Puppy play may sound bizarre at first but the premise is very much like that of any other sub/dom dynamic.

For the person taking on the role of the puppy there is a certain appeal that comes with the release of responsibility that we are faced with on a day-to-day basis. Many of these people also feel that dogs have the positive attributes mentioned above and being able to embody them is an empowering act.

Dogs, unlike slaves or adult babies, also have their own sense of independence which is always accessible when desired. Where a slave might be reprimanded for being a bit too playful or defiant, it’s almost a given with a pup. Where an adult baby or toddler may feel like being disobedient or a bit aloof, it is out of character for their role, dogs can sometimes be a bit quirky in their behaviour.

As such, the puppy play community sometimes consider themselves as having a rather liberating sub/dom dynamic, and this can have a large appeal to anyone who doesn’t count themselves as a complete sub.

Pup Fashion

In addition to having a fun dynamic, puppy play also has a playful sense of fashion which can almost be described as part-kink, part-furry.

Leather is highly featured in the puppy play community, fuelled in part by the strong link between the puppy play community and the Gay kink community (making for one badass combination). This striking look involves harnesses, collars, and leads but also paw pads and shoulder pads to facilitate practical pup-like movement.

For vegetarian and vegan pups there are also leather alternatives, vinyl, and PVC to create a similar aesthetic, so no one gets to miss out on the kinkier aspects of puppy play fashion.

But, in addition to this more conventional kink attire, pups also get to wear puppy hoods should they choose – headwear made to look like a dog. These hoods can be partial (perhaps just ears and a muzzle) or full but the selection of the right hood can be an incredibly thrilling part of the process.

There are all types of hoods out there too – from cutesy, sweet puppy hoods with floppy ears and a playfully lopping tongue right through to hardcore leather hoods with a fierce snarl and a metal spiked mohawk. Once in the hood users can experience sensory deprivation but also, in many cases, a sense of immersion which helps them get into the puppy mindset and enhances the incredible sense of release that puppy play provides.

Oh, and collars too. Not unique to puppy play but highly significant. I’m sure you can figure out why.

Outsider Perspectives

For those who like playing the pup, the puppy play movement may seem like a natural (and exciting) progression of their sexual, or relationship dynamics, but there are, of course, concerns out there from those who just don’t ‘get it’.

As with adult babies and paedophilia, some people may hear ‘puppy play’ and make the knee jerk reaction that such people are into bestiality or so-called zoophilia.

This, as you can imagine, is entirely incorrect.

People in to puppy play don’t have an attraction to dogs. Rather, they want to either embody (or be dominant over someone who embodies) the positive traits that humans project onto dogs which they find attractive or appealing.

Puppy play enthusiasts understand that they are not dogs and that humans can never truly embody the actions nor mentality of dogs, but sometimes playing the role of a dog is just…well…fun.

Chances are anyone who loves puppy play also counts themselves as a dog lover and would never wish to see any distress or abuse imposed upon them, which would include sexual acts attempted with them. As a pup myself I can vouch for the fact that just the thought of such an act of abuse is incredibly distressing.

Besides, in a world where bunny girls and feline femmes are seen as the height of female sexual attraction then what’s wrong with pupping it up from time to time?

The Takeaway

Puppy play is complex, diverse, offers a range of consent and play options, and allows people to explore some of the best traits of man’s best friend. What’s not to love about that?

The fact that puppy play comes with its own unique fashion options is also a huge appeal and the fact that some of it can be purchased at your local pet shop is a massive bonus (or, should that be bone-us?)

So, if you’re looking for a BDSM sub-movement and feel like you want to embrace your inner canine then why not dip your toes into the puppy play movement from time to time? No doubt you’ll be welcomed with excited barks and wagging tails.

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Sep 9, 2017


This week we are talking about our article Sex blogging: Why gender makes absolutely no difference written by Innocent Lovetboy.

Big thanks

Big thanks to Hot Octopus for putting us on their top sex podcasts list 


John Lewis scraps 'boys' and 'girls' clothing

As one of the leading UK department stores John Lewis has taken the surprising step of getting rid of gendered clothing. Their own lines will now no longer be aimed at a specific gender.

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School students take on homophobic Bishop

Students at a school in Sudney are protesting a homophobi bishop on their school board by covering the crests on their blazers with Rainbows.

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Four year old suspended from school for having long hair.

A boy in Texas has been suspended from kinder-garden for having long hair.

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Sex Blogging

Being male and wanting to blog about sex isn't the norm, in fact it is very unusual. We have been able to meet a lot of UK sex bloggers and they are overwhelmingly female. But that doesn't mean you have to be female to blog about sex, being male and having something to say can be very important.

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Sep 5, 2017

Let's address this issue without flinching. Despite what the media try to tell you there are undoubtedly some amazing male sex bloggers out there. They may be harder to find - or slightly lower in profile - than some of the female big hitters, but they are there. There are lists made, posts written, and networking at events, and you only need to do a quick Google search to find a male blogger.

However this is my tenth year of writing a sex blog. When I started, I was one of about two boy bloggers around. I was the most active, I was the most honest - and, although the following years brought fresh blood to the pack, I was (for a while) the youngest.

For me this doesn't feel odd. I've gone through life - education, training, and work, as well as socially - making my way in what are traditionally (and unfairly) seen as female-dominated areas. My classes at school were primarily girls; it was the same at university, my second degree finding me as one of three boys in a year of over 100. Most of my friends are girls, I don't have any brothers, and every boss I've ever had has been female.

Why does this affect me sex blogging? Well, it doesn't. I don't feel outnumbered, outclassed, or alone. I love blogging and I love bloggers - why should it matter that I'm not a lady? It doesn't bother me.

While the reception I've had among the blogosphere has been mostly positive, the mainstream media is a completely different animal. Girl bloggers get a certain degree of exposure, which is well-deserved in some cases, yet occasionally stems from the fact that "it's a girl writing about sex!" is something which can be easily, and unfairly, sensationalised. As a boy, I'm expected to be bolshy about sex and talk about it constantly with my male friends. Boys don't do that - genuinely, they don't.

It's the lack of conversation I got from my peers which prompted me to start my blog, so perhaps the reaction I get when I tell people - one of polite incredulity - isn't an unexpected one. I don't tend to ask what people think: what am I expecting? Do they suddenly have visions of me with an incredibly overactive sex life, extraordinary fetishes and a predatory attitude? I think that's pretty unlikely. Most people have some degree of sexuality - all I'm doing is talking about it!

One thing which does set me apart from other sex bloggers - of any and all genders, including male ones - is that there isn't a lot of kink, BD/SM, or toy reviews. From what I've seen, a lot of boy bloggers review sex toys, are in a D/S relationship (or are part of a couple), are polyamorous or have a particular kink. What sets me apart seems not to be the fact that I'm a boy; it's that I'm vanilla!

I'm fine with all these things, by the way, but none of them apply to me! In fact, the reaction from other sex bloggers themselves has been more similar to "what DO you write about?", not having a proclivity to focus on or a niche to carve out. I find that lack of rigidity incredibly freeing, more than anything else - it means I can write about whatever I like, giving my readers (and myself) more of a variety in the sort of content I'm likely to get out. A lot of the best blogs do this - audiences love a wide array of things to keep them entertained.

On the other hand, there are bloggers who have told me that they have nothing to write about because they have to write about a specific kink they have, or if they only review toys, or something similar. This often seems to me like it can hold bloggers back - if they're putting pressure on themselves to turn out content they think everyone expects of them, than can be a little dull, and frustrating for the blogger as well, especially if they're just doing it for attention, rather than desire. I've always said: it's your blog, so write what you want, rather than what you think people want!

I've never found it difficult to write about sex, to the point of running a session at Eroticon '17 about keeping your blog going. I just click "new post", open the compose window and go!

In among all this muddle, one thing I have been asked a fair few times is my opinion on the idea of more men blogging about sex and sexuality. As I've said above, I'm far from being the only male sex blogger out there, but I am one of the more seasoned ones... and I've seen it happen. I've even seen men pose as women because they think they won't be read otherwise. I think it's a positive thing for anyone of any gender to share their views on sexuality - that's what blogs are for, inviting discourse! - but I don't really think gender matters as much as sexuality does. I've seen brave attempts at male sex blogs started by people BECAUSE they are a boy, or IN SPITE OF the fact that they aren't a girl, which really doesn't help!

So why don't men write sex blogs? We do! You just need to look... or, better yet, ask!

For ILB's pick of the male sex blogs, check out:

  • The Edge of Vanilla – Tom's been around for longer than me, and he was one of the first readers and supporters of my blog!
  • The Big Gay Review – I'm not a sex toy fan, but I love this blog. It's hilarious and informative, and Adam's a great writer.
  • The Sex Experiment – This is a delightfully unconventional take on things, different from anything else. It's not being updated any more, but it's well worth reading through the archive.
  • This D/s Life – This is by Michael (aka Signs), and his cheeky tone adds a wonderful "light side" to the frequently-discussed topic of a D/s relationship.
Sep 3, 2017

This week we are talking about the article from our blog called "Sex Invisible" by KD Grace.


Donald Trump officially bans transgender people from the military [3.10]

Donald Trump officially instructs the US Military to stop accepting transgender troops into service.

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Far right leader Pauline Hanson wants a public vote on abbing the Burqa in Austrailia [9.15]

To go along with a public vote on whether the country should allow gay marrage, they also want to ask if the public wants to ban face coverings in public.

Check out the video of a dad going mad at this.

Read more

Australian MP claims homosexuals stole the word 'gay' [15.00]

Austrailian MP claims gay people stole the word "Gay" from them and now they want the word "Marrage" as well.

Read more

Archbishop of Sydney claims Britain is a warning to Austrailia on gay marrage [17.35]

The archbishop of Sydney has claimed the UK should be a warning to Austrailer on equal marrage.

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Finish Government keeps law that requires trans people to be sterilised [21.30]

The Finish government opts to keep laws that force the serilisation of trans people who want to change their sex. They are seen as suffering from the disease of "Transexualism".k

Read more

Sex Invisible [24.25]

Does sex stop at 39? Of course not, if anything sex can get better once you are 40. But everything you see in the world suggests it only happens between 20 somethings. We are here to say that isn't the case.

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