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Aug 20, 2019

We are back after missing last weeks episode, Pixie was sick but she feels much better now.

Tumblr bought again (0:36)

If you remember we covered when Tumblr decided it didn't like smut on it's platform any more and has been systematically removing it. The large community that has grown around Tumblr thanks to it's open policies has left in droves thanks to it's decision to "clean up" it's platform.

Turns out the plan hasn't worked out so well and this week it was sold to the company that owns WordPress. It sold for $3 Million. Down from it's valuation a few years ago of $11 billion.

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Hacking buttplugs is easier thank you think (4:10)

This week there was a great talk at DefCon about how easy it is to hack a connected buttplug. Not only hacking the plug itself but every aspect of the product from the client that ran on the computer, to the network it used to talk to other people, to even being able to update the hardware in the plug itself and install other software.

Watch the video

Songs of praise to show its first gay wedding (19:26)

Songs of Praise. A show running in the UK for 58 years shows it's first gay wedding.

Find out more

The baker who refused to make a cake for a gay man going to European Court of Justice (21:45)

A baker who refused to make a cake for a gay man becuase he disagreed with the message on the cake is going to the European Court of Justice after a UK court rulled it wasn't discrimination to deny the man the cake.

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Aug 6, 2019

Trigger warning: This weeks episode is talking about rape and the laws around it. Please don't listen if you are affected by such things.

Theranos goes on trial next year [0:30]

As we have previously talked about the Theranos court case starts next year and it is going to be very interesting to see how that plays out.

Chatholic church paying victims with conditions [2:30]

The Chatholic church is helping out victims of abuse even when their cases are out the normal window for being taken to court. Sounds wonderful only it is being used to save the church hundreds of millions in damages and as a way to silence its victims.

Find out more

Sex toys will be allowed at next years CES [7:56]

As we have previously talked about there was a blow up when one of the winners from this years CES was disqualified because it was a sex toy. CES seems to have seen the error of their ways and will be allowing sex toys as a category at next years event.

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Forced penetration isn't classed as rape in the UK [9:01]

Did you know what in the UK a man being forced to have sex with a woman isn't classed as rape? A new study highlights the real problem that affects hundreds of men in the UK and the shocking revelation that it isn't classed as rape.

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Jul 28, 2019

We missed last week simply because we did the interview then I forgot to record an intro. Work got in the way then before you know it it's the weekend again.

Discussion with Sluts & Scholars

Sluts & Scholars is a sex education podcast where they talk to amazing people from all over the spectrum about sex and life. They have some amazing interviews and you need to check them out.

Find them:

We talk about how they got de-platformed from Apple. For anyone who doesn't know Apple is the main index for all podcasts. If you are not on there chances are no one is going to find you.

Getting de-platformed means they won't appear on peoples devices so how will they find new listeners?

After a fight they were eventually able to talk to someone and it turned out Apple didn't like that they had used rude words in their titles and descriptions. After making changes to all their posts and trying multiple times to get someone to look at it again they were finally able to get back onto the platform.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. This is happening all the time and companies like Apple are able to effectively silence things they don't like for any reason they want.

Jul 14, 2019

We missed last week because we were at Pride, but this week we are back.

Puppy Pride [0:17]

We missed last weeks episode because we were at Pride with Puppy Pride and Pups Out. They invited us along to their event so we could run the mini-flogger workshop for the pups. Loads made their own mini-flogger and I think they ended up being used for crowd control.

It was a lot of fun.

New Zealand charing an entry fee [7:12]

Who does New Zealand think it is charging an entry fee to come into the country.. outragious.

Find out more

Ice creme truck against "Influncers"

An Ice Creme truck has started charging inflencers double for their Ice Creme. They are sick of these so called "Influencers" asking for free ice creme they have decided to take a stand.

Find out more

Should you erase the past? [11:17]

This week it was reveled that one of the post credit scenes from Toy Story 2 has been removed from the film. The scene features one of the characters talking to a pair of Barby dolls and suggesting that if they come back to his trailer he can get them a part in the next film.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

So this has sparked a discussion, is it OK to earse parts of the past you now find offensive?

James Bond is a prime candidate

I have been watching a lot of the old Rodger Moore ear James Bond and there is a lot there that is very hard to watch now. So should those parts be cut out or are they a look into the views of the time?

Woddy Allan and Roman Polanski

Two highly controveral figures who no matter what you think of them in real life have made ground breaking and important films. Should those films be scrubbed from history because the people who made them are problematic?

Jun 30, 2019

This week it is hot here in the UK, we are baking and if we can complain about it we can.

Pork bellies about to go up [1:10]

Want to get us to talk about something all you have to do is ask. This morning @DomSigns asked us to talk about pork bellies so happy to oblige. Turns out there are serious cases of swine flu in China and it looks like port prices are going to rise 40% soon and continue well into 2020.

Get your money in now if ou are an investor, if you love bacon.. sorry but it is going to get much more expensive.

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Drag Queen Bingo [2:06]

The amazing Sparkling Queens of Drag are being attacked by a Christian group for holding fund raising bingo events in the US. The group which holds charity fund raising events at local community run fire houses has raised huge amounts of cash. But the Christian group doesn't like

Find out more

End of End-to-end encryption? [7:33]

The US is considering outlawing end-to-end encryption applications like WhatsApp and iMessage because they are proving too hard for police forces to deal with. The move would be a huge blow for public privacy.

Find out more

Stonewall Riots and Pride [12:36]

What do you know about how pride started? A great article on the BBC has made us think about how pride got started and the effect it has had on the world. Most recently there has been questions about how large companies have started to co-opt the event to advertise themselves while not actually giving back anything to the community.

Find out more

We will be at London Pride supporting the Puppies [20:19]

We are going to be at London Pride by supporting the Pride Pup Party. Book your tickets to what is going to be a super fun event at Draft House, Chancery in London.

We will be running our mini-flogger workshop from 9am - 1:30pm. Totally free, anyone can come along and make their own mini flogger. Then stick around and play with the pups.

Book your tickets now

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Jun 23, 2019

Everything in the UK seems to be falling apart so we are going to do our best to fix that... well, talk about it at least.

UK to delay Age Verification on Porn sites [1:37]

The UK has delayed it's roll out of age verification checks for an unknown amount of time. There has been no word on what is actually going on, only that it is going to be delayed for some time. Who knows how much. If they can't sort this out how the hell are they going to deal with Brexit. 76% of people in the UK still don't know it could even happen.

Find out more

Did you know your ISP in the UK records every site you go to and reports it to the government? [5:30]

Since 2016 your ISP is collecting every website you go to and storing it to be reported back to the government if they ask for it. Doesn't matter what you have done they collect it. If you are not using a VPN to protect your web browsing you are Internetting wrong in the 21st century.

UK MP assaults peaceful climate change protestor [10:00]

MP Mark Field is shown in a video assaulting a peaceful protestor. Pushing against an pillar then grabbing her by the neck and frog marching her out of the room. There was no cause to do this and he should be fired from his job.

Find out more

Birmingham Catholic Church covered up child abuse

An inquiry into the cover up of pedophile priests by the Catholic church has found that they did it systematically for years with their only concern being how they would be seen by the public.

Find out more

Sex toy company sues over refusal to run ads

Sex toy company Dame is suing the Metro Transit Authority (MTA) over it's refusal to run ads on the network. The company claims the MTA's view are victorian. Digging a little deeper reveals the MTA doesn't allow any company to run ads for sex toys and never has. It will only run ads for FDA approved medicines and medial devices.

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Jun 20, 2019

LovingBDSM back on the air [0:30]

The great podcast LovingBDSM are back on the air and well worth listening too. They have some great kink puns. This weeks episode was all about playing when you have no privacy.

LovingBDSM Podcast

US embassy's banned from flying the pride flag [2:20]

US embassy's have been banned from flying the pride flag this year. But it isn't as effective as the Trump government wanted.

Roman catholic bishop says catholics shouldn't support pride [6:40]

A roman catholic bishop says catholics shouldn't support pride because it is harmful to children.

Ecuador legalises same sex marriage [8:30]

Nottinghamshire police offers abuse victims blunt knives [11:10]

New Zealand Air change rules to allow staff to show tattoos [16:50]


Jun 14, 2019

Notes to follow

Jun 9, 2019
There is a lot to talk about this week, notes coming.
May 12, 2019
A random assortment of things around around the week this week from deep fakes being used for good to awful UK politicians
Apr 23, 2019

Details to follow

Apr 14, 2019

Show some love for the people making some of our kinky paracord items. @Curious_Kitt and @Beacon_ropes made some amazing things, check them out. If you want to make your own kinky things check out or YouTube page and start making. I will be adding the next course soon.

Check out @Curious_Kitt's own podcast @TrySexuals.

This week I have been listening to "Against the rules with Michael Lewis" podcast, really interesting and well worth a listen.

Is it OK for rugby players to say gay people should go to hell? [5:50]

RFU player Israel Folau put out a post this week saying all gay people should go to hell. Our question is why does this person still have a job?

Find out more

UK government wants to start fining tech companies that allow "harm" on their platforms [16:45]

The govenment has put out a white paper looking to create a watchdog in the UK what will police the Internet and bring companies that promote "harmful" material will be punished, including jail time for directors if needed.

Find out more

BDSM practitioners report less sexual problem than the general population [28:37]

New research from The Journal of Sex Medicine indicates that people who practice BDSM are more open and able to talk to their partner about their sexual health. This leads to more satisfaction and less dysfunction.

Find out more

Consent condom [31:19]

A company has come up with the design of a condom that requires four hands to open the packaging. Namely the man and the woman to agree to open the package. Completely missing the point that consent comes from discussion and is flexible.

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Apr 7, 2019

Check out the new podcast by @GGGBPodcast on the 9th April. All about spanking, and who doesn't love that.

Fat shaming with a great twist [1:20]

A teenager was fat-shamed as she went into a bakery, her solution to the fat shaming was to bu every cake in the bakery. As she went into the bakery we hear voices behind her say "Let's hope this fat bitch doesn't buy all the cupcakes". So rather than buy the 6 she planned she bought every one in the shop.

Find out more

Grindr exposes national security secrets [2:50]

The US is forcing a Chinese company to sell the American made Grindr app on national security grounds. It seems that based on the information Grindr collects from it's users it is possible to identify not only the individuals but where they work. From that they were able to identify secret military outposts around the world.

Find out more

Mums make porn [6.45]

A series has aired on UK TV about a group of mums who didn't like the port that was available on the Internet as they felt it didn't show anything close to realistic. So they set out to film their own porn. View it on Channel 4

Brunei introduces death by stoning for gay sex [15.14]

The Sultan of Brunei is imposing more strict sharia laws around all sorts of things in the country. Including amputating hands and feet for theft and stoning to death for anyone engaging in gay sex.

Find out more

Sign the petition to revoke the Sultan of Brunei's honorary degree

Brimingham school being protested for talking about LGBT rights [28.30]

A primary school in Birmingham is in the middle of a row with parents over its teaching them about LGBT rights. Protestors were concerned about the "No Outsiders Programme" which taught children about diversity and quality.

Lead campaigner Amir Ahmed says "morally, homosexuality is not a valid sexual relationship".

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Mar 31, 2019

No time for pleasantries this week, we have a lot to cover. A shout out to Beacon_ropes, someone I talk to often they have just been invited to their first event and they are over the moon. Check them out on Instagram, they are from the homeland so Pixie is happy.

First ever all female spacewalk cancelled

In the news this week there was a lot of discussion about the all female spacewalk that got cancelled. With the fingers pointing back at NASA saying it isn't right that there isn't enough equipment up there for the astronauts. But the actual story of the spacesuits and why they couldn't be used is a lot more interesting.

Check out this article where they discuss the EMU (spacesuits), when they were made, and what they were really for.

UK obscenity laws have been changed for the better [8:23]

The obscenity law in the UK used to be ridicules. To the point where you could film yourself doing certain acts then possession of that video of yourself was a crime. The acts included spanking, face sitting, female ejaculation.

Fortunately after a lot of work the law has been changed to allow any act between consenting adults, where no serious harm occurs, or where no other criminal act happens, and as long as the intended audience is not under 18. This opens up the UK law to basically allow anything between consenting adults. A much better stance and a win for freedom of speech and expression.

Find out more

UK porn age verification checks coming into force [12:12]

The UK is about to bring into force a new law that will stop anyone in the UK looking at porn unless they can prove their age. This will affect any site on the Internet that can be viewed in the UK. The government will be able to instruct ISP's to block the site so it cannot be accessed.

In order to prove your age you will need to supply either:

  • A credit card
  • Your passport
  • Your dirving license
  • A valid AgeID
  • Or buy a PornPass from local shops

Only 76% of the country know this happening, of the people who say they use porn sites 53% know nothing about it.

Find out more

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Mar 24, 2019

We have just finished another Eroticon and being around so many creative fun people makes it hard not to want to be doing something with them again. So while it is still really hard to find the time we do want to bring back the podcast because there is so much to talk about.

New Zealand Shooting [8:10]

Our thoughts go out to everyone involved in the violence that has happened in New Zealand.

Eroticon 2019 [10:10]

Another year and Eroticon has come and gone, and it was as much fun as ever. Though next time we have to stay in a better hotel. It was great to see a lot of new faces at the event. We have been going for the last 5 years and while there are so many amazing people who go it's fantastic to see new people finding the event as well.

The beauty of Eroticon is you can do it how you want to, if you are a quiet person then you can sit and take it all in at your own pace. But if you need some help you can always talk to one of the ambassadors. This year they were CandySnatch and SubBee.

No time for the amazing speakers

One of the problems with loving working at Eroticon is you miss all the amazing talks that are going on. We missed CandySnatch talking about the crazy things she has had to deal with, we missed @KaylaLords doing what was an amazing talk (in her awesome accent). Bianca from @HelensToyBox. So many more.

LovingBDSM's return from Eroticon

Then there was a really sad blog post from @LovingBDSM about what happened when they got back from Eroticon. No one deserves to be treated like that, especially a couple who are so nice and caring.

Mistress taking her sub for a walk in a crowded station

Here is the actual twitter post from the Mistress in question taking her sub out in London. I think the British public can take this in their stride, it is just a shame the laws are not as forgiving.

Monty Python Judges

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Mar 13, 2018


This week we are talking about Souther Sir's article about how he came to terms with his kink and learned it was OK to hit someone if they asked for it.

For those who don't know Souther Sir is one half of LovingBDSM a podcast where he and Kayla Lords discuss everything Kink and BDSM related. It is a brilliant show and they are well worth checking out.


Centre Parcs pulls ads from the Daily Mail over homophobic column

Centre Parcs has pulled adverts from The Daily Mail after Richard Littlejohn wrote a homophobic article on how he couldn't accept it was normal for two men to parent a baby.

Read more

Florida shootings

There is no specific article to point to here just the sensless loss of human life that was the shooting in Florida. Our hearts go out to all the families involved and we hope this is the turning point that will make American politicians see there needs to be change.

How I learned it was OK to hit a willing submissive

This is a really great article from Southern Sir on how coming to terms with what you like isn't always straight forward and even when you do accept it, sometimes your feelings take a while to catch up. But with a little education and understanding you can push past your problems and be who you want to be.

Feb 28, 2018

I was in my mid-twenties when I first dipped my toes into kink. At that time I had no idea there was a name for BDSM or that there was a community devoted to it. What I did know is that there were things I liked that were outside the norm of what I perceived relationships to be. What I wanted was wrong or deviant, but certainly not normal.

During the mid-eighties I discovered I loved tying up my then-wife. I used whatever I had handy at the time - scarves, neckties, and even the tie from my bathrobe. I had a pair of handcuffs in the nightstand next to my bed. Playing like this with my wife allowed me to express a certain freedom, and we both reveled in it. Sadly a year and a half later our marriage fell apart, and it was a rather rough breakup.

I blamed the kink for a big part of the demise of that relationship. Because of that, I turned my back on my kinky feelings and desires and decided that they were wrong and not normal. For many years I buried those feelings way down deep where they would never see the light of day and toed the line with strictly vanilla relationships.

Discovering BDSM

For a long time burying my desires seemed to work well for me, but underneath the surface I always felt there was something wrong. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I never quite felt complete or whole. Fast forward to my late thirties early forties, I was doing a websearch on the Internet which was still in it’s early days at that time. At this point I don’t even remember what the search was about but I do remember what came up in the search results.

It was a website called Leather and Roses. The name caught my eye immediately, and I clicked on the link. It was a BDSM site and warned viewers that only those of legal age should enter. Entering the website caused a dam inside me to burst. Soon I was digging through the site reading all the articles on Dominance and even on submission that the site contained. I couldn’t get enough.

All the feelings and desires I had hiydden away and denied for all those years came back to the surface waving a gleeful flag. It was a major revelation for me that I wasn’t alone, and there are others that had the same feelings for these things. Even better there was a name for what I wanted and enjoyed.

One would think that from there it was all easy peasy. I embraced my kinky side and all was well with the world. Right?

Not quite.

From the discovery of that site I began researching more about this thing called BDSM. It was fairly easy for me to embrace my Dominant side as that was a natural part of who I am. There was another side of this that wasn’t so easy for me to embrace.

Realizing I’m a Sadist

BDSM is made up of several things: bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism. The bondage aspect I already loved, having explored that years before. The power exchange of Dominance and submission was new to me but I grasped the meaning of it and what it entailed fairly easily.

Then came the sadism and masochism part. In my digging and learning, I also discovered the visual aspect of BDSM and found myself drawn to images of people being not just tied up but also spanked, flogged, caned, and whipped. What really threw a wrench in my gears was the excitement I felt looking at these images. My mind raced and my blood boiled in a new and exciting way.

I’d also found the Gor books by John Norman - a science fiction series that takes place on an alternate Earth where men are dominant and women are sexual slaves. I dove into the series, reading voraciously and basking in this world where men just took what they wanted from women. (Note: even while reading these books, I understood I couldn’t behave like the characters in the book. The excitement was in the fantasy.)

Even so, it created a conflict of who I might be and who I thought I was supposed to be. I’d been raised in a fairly religious family that taught me from a very young age you never, ever under any circumstances raise your hand to a woman for any reason. Never.

Finding Other Kinksters

Here again I found myself in a tailspin and a contradiction of terms. This kinky thing was drawing me in and yet it went against everything I was taught to believe in. I stood at a precipice once again. Do I walk away from it like I did when I was younger and bury these feelings and desires away from the light of day once more? Based on my upbringing it might sound like the right answer, but the thought didn’t sit well with me.

Since that internal dam had burst open during this discovery of BDSM, I felt more like the me I was meant to be in a way I hadn’t felt in a very long time. I continued reading what I could find on the web and learning as much as I could. I found out about something called a munch - a local gathering of people who lived and enjoyed BDSM and met once a month to talk and socialize.

That got my gears turning again. Does this exist here in my local area? Could I go to a munch and meet other people like me? Again I searched online. Finding a group in my area took time - remember, the internet was still fairly young at the time. Not everything could be found with a single Google search. But eventually, I found my local community. When I attended the munch, I was welcomed by a rather large group of friendly people. The first time there I was rather reserved and didn’t talk much but everyone was very friendly and open.

Asking Questions to Understand

As time went on and I got to know people in the community I began to make friends. An internal battle still raged within me. How could I really hit someone? I became friendly with a submissive woman at the munch. I mustered the courage to ask her about being spanked. I explained my feeling to her about my conflict in regards to hitting and spanking someone. It sparked an interesting conversation which went a long way to help me understand consent and gave me an eye opening look into the mind of a masochist.

She explained to me how she actually liked and in many cases needed to be spanked. How being spanked freed her mind from other concerns and while I couldn’t grasp it at the time she did her best to explain subspace - that floaty, out of body experience some submissives experience during a particularly intense scene. In telling me this she also explained that it wasn’t just anyone that could spank her but only someone that she trusted and knew when to stop and not take it too far.

Listening to her explanation was was an epiphany for me. Spanking or hitting someone wasn’t abuse. By providing it (under specific circumstances), being hit fulfilled a need for them, giving them something they wanted and in some cases, genuinely needed.

It wasn’t long after that I met my first submissive and she brought up the topic of spankings. I was a bit trepidatious. Instead of refusing her, we talked about it in detail and eventually I spanked her. We both thoroughly enjoyed the moment and talked about it at great length afterwards. She was also the first person I ever struck with a paddle and a riding crop.

From that moment, I felt fully complete, like all parts of who I am were in place and I was on the path I was meant to be. The shame I felt all those years ago as a young man vanished as I found that there are others like me who enjoy BDSM. I was able to move past the last (important) hurdle of the stigma of hitting a woman and move forward on my journey into the BDSM lifestyle.

To get to this point, I had to educate myself, embrace the idea I liked and wanted things outside the norm, and be willing to ask questions and listen. Thanks to a conversation at a munch with someone that was able to explain the consent, communication and trust required for spankings I was finally able to become the person I was meant to be and embrace the life I desired. What’s the lesson here? Don’t ignore your feelings and ask questions. Learn as much as possible. And embrace who you really are.


Feb 16, 2018

It has been a while but we are back and things are a little different. No article this week just catching you up on what has been going on and what is coming

Pixie praise [3:30]

New Zealand police have shown off a police car repainted in pride rainbows rather than the normal blue and white. They are showing they support the LGBTQ community and are keen to help and understand where they can.

As an organisation we look to enocourage staff to use who they are, not loose who they are when becoming a police officer


Leading head teacher says pupils will be expelled if they have a boyfriend/girlfriend [6:10]

The head master of a private school doesn't think his pupils should date or have sex in any way, and to back it up he says he will expel any students who are found to be in a relationship. Read more

The pope accuses sexual assault victims of slander [10:06]

The pope has been in Chilli to try and help smooth over problems caused by a priest being accused of multiple sex abuses against children. Rather than calming tensions the Pope has accused the victims of slander. Read more

Things are changing [14:49]

Things are changing for Kink Craft this year. Part of the time off over the last few weeks has been about rethinking what we are doing.

Kink Craft as a company selling things isn't going to carry on this year. It has been a lot of fun and we have ennjoy every moment of it but sometimes you have to face reality and look at what is working and what isn't.

Amazing companies

We get to work with some really amazing companies who really want to change the world like Sheets of San Francisco, Godemiche, and others.

We would never have been able to spend time with them and have so much fun if it hadn't been for KC.

Amazing bloggers

That has let us meet some of the most awesome people I could ever want to meet. Bloggers like Girl on the Net, Emmeline Peaches, Candysnatch, and so many more.

We would not have been able to meet them if it weren't for KC and being out in the amazing community talking to some of the best people you could ever want to meet.


The courses are not going to vanish, they are all going to go up on YouTube so everyone will have a chance to give them a go if they want to.

The content and the podcast

We really enjoy doing the content and being part of the amazing sex blogging community. Right now we just don't know what we want to do.

We love putting the content out and talking about it, talking to others about it, and having new ideas and discussions because of it.

The future

Right now things will carry on, we have a fair bit of content ready to go and we really don't want to loose that. So we will be putting it out in the coming weeks.

Something I would really love to do is a monthly panel discussion between a number of bloggers each month. Would be so interesting to hear them discussion things rather than just writing on their blogs.


We will be at Eroticon in the middle of March. We are looking forward to being there and making things with people.k

Nov 24, 2017

This week we are talking about what are the best kinky podcasts out there.


Australia votes to allow same sex marriage [3:20]

Over the last few months the Australian government have been having a postal vote on should they allow same sex marriage. That has finished and it was approved with over 61% of the vote. It is now up to the government to enforce the publics opinion and pass the laws required to make it officially sanctioned.

Couple who opposed same sex marriage said they would get divorced if it was passed [10:40]

An Australian couple who were opposed to same-sex marriage said they would get divorced if the public voted too allow gay couples to marry. Now the vote has passed people are asking them when they will get divorced.

Find out more

Australian Spectator magazine equates gay marriage to marrying the devil [15:22]

The Australian version of The Spectator has sparked outrage by comparing same-sex marriage to marrying the devil on their latest cover.

See the cover here

Scotland passes it's over version of The Turing Law [16:40]

Turing Law, something we previously covered is now find its way to Scotland. Like in the UK gay men convicted of same-sex offences in Scotland before the laws against them were dropped are to receive full pardons. Just like in the UK living men would have to apply for a "disregard", but all men who have died will be automatically pardoned.

Find out more

The best podcasts [23:51]

From the article here are some podcasts you should check out:

Some others you should check out

Nov 21, 2017

Podcasting, as we know it today, is still a relatively new medium. The word itself is a portmanteau, devised by a BBC journalist named Ben Hammersley back in 2004 – pod (as in the brand name of that very familiar MP3 player) plus broadcast. Although others prefer using “Portable on Demand” to avoid a direct reference to the company behind that famous MP3 player – which makes sense as download and play isn’t restricted to it alone.

And it is, in 2017, a medium in very rude health. Whether you were one of the millions of listeners addicted to Serial, or can’t imagine not starting your week with Ira Glass and This American Life, the last few years have seen a firm resurgence in podcast popularity.

It’s not hard to see why. Podcasts make a trusty companion on a dreary commute or long drive, whether as a source of entertainment (think of Mark Kermode’s hilariously ranty reviews on the Wittertainment film podcast, or the behemoth popularity of My Dad Wrote a Porno), a ground-breaking method of storytelling (like the mysterious world of Welcome to Night Vale, The Black Tapes, or Homecoming) or a font of knowledge on pretty much every subject you can imagine. And yes, that includes the worlds of kink, fetish and BDSM, with podcasts a-plenty to provide an education for your ears only.

Which makes it an ideal medium for beginning kinksters wanting to explore and learn on their own terms, in their own time. There’s a big degree of privacy, it’s free, and all you need is a way of streaming and a pair of headphones. Voila – at your fingertips is a world full of kinksters sharing with you their personal knowledge, thoughts and feelings, as well as educational facts and impassioned rants and raves.

So, if you’re a fledgling kinkster wanting to broaden your knowledge, have some questions answered or just generally immerse yourself in chatter from likeminded voices, these five podcasts provide a solid foundation to your kinky learnings.

The Dildorks After connecting on social media, bloggers Bex Caputo and Kate Sloan met in person back in 2015, and a beautifully dorky friendship was born. They are the hosts of The Dildorks, an antidote to media depicting sex as “naughty,” mysterious, gross, indecent, or self-explanatory. Their shared enthusiasm and curiosity for the subjects they tackle (which span the gamut from sex to kink to porn and beyond) is utterly infectious, and with episode titles like The Dom Before the Storm and Aftercare Laughtercare... well, you know you’re in for a wonderfully fun (not to mention incredibly dorky) time.

Join Bex and Kate every week if you’re into rhapsodic raves and impassioned rants about everything that’s engaging their hearts, brains, and genitals (as they put it on the website).

The People of Kink What started out as one podcast – The People of Kink, or TPoK, as it’s also known – has evolved into an educational network setting out to educate and reduce stigma on all topics of sexuality. The message here: “you’re not alone”, which is something many fledgling kinksters (no matter what floats your boat) need to hear. The episodes of the original TPoK podcast are still available to listen to on the website (185 of them, no less) in addition to all the new shows and content, and they form a great basis for people wanting to gain some kinky knowledge in addition to some reassurance.

Practically Kinky Wondering just how to incorporate kink into your life and making it work on your own terms? Then browse the archives of Practically Kinky, a podcast devoted to... well, exactly that: hands-on, practical discussions about kink. Sydney and Logan Hart tackle topics like roles in kink, body worshipping and emotional labour. The show seems to be on a bit of a hiatus (the last episode released back in February) but fortunately there’s plenty of back catalogue there to help expand your kink knowledge.

Why Are People into That?! Writer, teacher, media-maker and all-round powerhouse of awesome Tina Horn is the host of the wonderfully titled podcast Why Are People into That?! (or YAPiT, for short). Let’s face it, at one point you will have thought this exact same question: what is it that attracts people to this fetish, or that kink? Each episode sees Tina and a guest interviewee (guests have included Reid Mihalko, Nikki Silver, Micky Mod, Rachel Kramer Bussel, James Darling, Tristan Taormino... seriously, it’s a who’s who of brilliant) non-judgementally explore the nitty-gritty of a particular topic. Want to know what it is that attracts people to spanking, or butt plugs, or pegging? Craving to sate your curiosity on matters of sexting or humiliation play? It’s all there, and Tina is more than happy to tell you just why people are into it.

Loving BDSM Blogging powerhouse Kayla Lords and her Sir, John Brownstone host the Loving BDSM podcast, a mix of opinions, rants and ramblings, and insights into one couple’s 24/7 D/s relationship. Kayla always speaks frankly and openly about her continuing journey of evolution into her sexuality and her life as a submissive babygirl, and brings that frankness, along with a solid pinch of her special own-brand cuteness (it is their superpower, after all) to the podcast. Fun fact – they also have a Redbubble shop for the podcast, in which you can buy some adorable Loving BDSM-themed goodies.

Of course, there’s also Kink Craft’s very own podcast, in which Pixie and Andrew talk about sex news, things seen around the internet, and the latest posts on the Kink Craft blog. Which, when you think about it... kind of makes this a bit of an Inception moment, doesn’t it?

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Oct 29, 2017

This week we are finally talking about our article by Molly Moore called Finding your way in a sea of information.

Sorry for the delay in this weeks discussion, there have been a lot going on on top of a halloween photo shoot which means everything has been pushed out.


Australian exit polls look positive for gay rights [3.25]

By the looks of it there is a good majority of people voting yes to gay marriage (64.3% as if the latest figures) but these things are always off the mark so only the final numbers will tell.

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Medical graduate put on sex offenders register [5.30]

A medical student has been convicted as a sex offender after engaging in consensual sex with someone he met on Tinder after roughly handling her breasts. The assault took place while the couple were having sex when he pulled her hair and grabbed her breasts.

Note: We do not condone non-consensual sex of any kind, but it does seem this sets a chilling president.

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Learning off the Internet [15.50]

We discuss some of the great ways you can learn from the Internet and some good sites that will teach you a thing or two about your kinks. From FetLife to Kink Academy there is so much to see and learn and the web is a great place to start if you don't have anyone you can talk too (or even if you don't but neither of you know enough).

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Oct 17, 2017

A long long time ago (OK not that long ago really in the scheme of things but when we are talking about the internet things have changed rapidly) if you wanted to learn about something then your choices were to go to school, read a book, find a community to educate you or learn on the job. Obviously there are lots of overlaps between these things and they didn't, and still don't, operate in isolation of one another but what if the subject you wanted to learn about or the community you wanted to find was not what one would call main stream?

Clearly that made things much harder, it is not like you could take a BDSM 101 class at your local college however if you had a good library there is a chance you might have picked up a book or two on the matter but otherwise your only hope was to find likeminded folks and create a community. Classified ads were one such place where you might have had some luck but clearly that was not without its pitfalls too.

Without a doubt the internet has changed all that. Now anyone with access to a computer (or electronic device) and an internet connection quite literally has more information and knowledge at their fingers tips than they could ever possibly have time to read and that goes for kink too.

It is quite literally a whole new world where finding information is no longer restricted because the subject you are interested in is adult or niche in nature. In fact it was almost as if the internet was designed with exactly that in mind.

I was in my mid 30's when I first started to be interested in kink and it was the internet that led me to my biggest discoveries about my sexuality. Online I found not only information but communities of people who were interested in the same things as me. Suddenly I not only had things to read and learn from but people to talk to about it as well. Without a doubt the internet changed my life in that regard, I went from someone who had always felt like something was missing to someone who not only had a clue what that was but eventually found it and took that knowledge and experience and shared it with others online.

So we know that the internet is full of wonderful juicy information but we also know that there is an awful lot of it and to be quite frank not all information is created equal. There are numerous articles online that explain, in what at first glance almost sounds convincing, why the earth is flat but that does not mean they are the articles you should be taking to heart and basing your geographical knowledge on and the same can be said for kink and sex related content.

So how do tell the good from the bad?

Clearly this is the tricky bit when content is so plentiful the issue becomes not the amount or even finding it but identifying if it is any good or not. There is no one single way of doing this but something's to keep in mind when reading:

  • Don't rely on one single source or person. If you read something you like or that strikes a chord with you search for more content on the same subject and see if the advice, opinions, thoughts being shared support or compliment the piece or directly contradict it.
  • If it's not obvious try to find out whom the author is. Are they a name you recognise? Do they have experience in the subject? Are they considered an authority by others? Have they published in multiple places? Of course not every well written piece is written by someone like this. There are many brilliant articles about kink related subjects written by anonymous individuals so don't discount something just because the person is not a name. If the article speaks to you then have a look around to see if their opinion is shared or...
  • Read the comments. Hopefully the piece will have the facility for commenting and have some comments left by people on it. Read them; Are they positive? Do the comments indicate that the piece is useful, enjoyable, liked etc? If applicable has the author replied to any comments and if so do those replies seem positive?
  • Watch out for pieces that deal in absolutes. Kink is rarely about absolutes, for example there is no one right way to be a submissive or a dom and anything that tells you there is should be treated with scepticism.
  • Talk to other people. One of the great things about the internet is that it has made it much easier to find communities of people who share interests and that is particularly true of the kink community. There are whole sites like Fetlife where you can make friends and social media platforms like Twitter that have thriving kink communities of people who share content that they have found.
  • Trust your gut. This is probably the most important one of all but if you read something and it resonates with you then that is all that matters. )

Some places to start

As I have already said content is plentiful and finding the good stuff can be tricky but here some suggestions of excellent places to get you started.

  • Fetlife - This is a whole site dedicated to everything kink and fetish related. However finding stuff can be super tricky. My advice would be to start by searching for things in your local area and making some friends. Once you have done that it will be easier to find content that they recommend.

  • Kink Academy - Without a doubt this site is the largest repository of education kink videos online. Both the breadth of subjects covered and the amount of fabulous educators featured here makes this an amazing resource. There is some free content but most of it membership based and prices vary depending on how long you want to sign up for. This is also a great place to discover kink educators many of whom have their own websites where you can find more stuff by them.

  • Two Knotty Boys - For basic knot tying Two Knotty Boys is a great resource. Sadly their Youtube channel has been deleted and they seem to have pretty much given up making new content but you can still download some of their videos here

  • Submissive Guide - This site was started back in 2009 and is quite frankly jammed packed full of content that deals with a huge variety of subjects around submission and D/s. The site is run by LunaKM but much of the content is written by a variety of different contributors making this a really diverse resource.

  • Loving BDSM - This started life as a podcast but has since transformed into a complete community resource. The podcast still takes place but there are now videos, written content and a forum where you can chat with other kink folks. Lots of it is free but there are some extra special goodies for members, and fees are eminently reasonable.

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Oct 11, 2017

This week we are talking about the pony play article written by Emmeline Peaches. It was a little rant heavy but there is so much going on that it's hard to not do it.

Hugh Hefner - The good and the bad

This week Hugh Hefner died, while he isn't someone we have thought about much, digging into his life a little has revealed some surprises.

The good

It is easy to see Hugh Hefner as a dirty old man, and perhaps at the end of his life that is something he has earned. But it is worth looking at some of the good he has done in his earlier life to see who he really was. Besides being a Guinness World Recording breaking scrap booker he was an advocate in the 1950's for gay rights and and sexual rights in general. He also championed black music in the late 1950's with people like Ella Fitzgerald or James Brown.

10 things you probably didn't know about Hugh Hefner

The bad

That isn't to say it has been all clear sailing and there have been plenty of peeks into what really happened behind the gates at the Playboy mansion. There is certainly a sleazy side to the whole thing, and that is what I have always seen when someone mentions Hugh Hefner. It is hard to not see someone taking advantage of young women, but it seems life is much more complex than that.

The 15 worst things playmates have said about life in the Playboy mansion


Officials in the DOJ have intervened in a discrimination case against a gay man who says a company fired him simply because of his sexual orientation. In a surprise move the DOH sided with the employer arguing that it is entirely legal to discriminate against gay employees on a federal level.

The Department of Justice now insists that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which outlaws discrimination in employment based on sex, does not provide any protection for gay people.

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Australian defence force may revoke gender-inclusivity policy

As the Australian post vote over whether gay marriage should be allowed in the country continues a junior minister for defence personnel has instructed the department to find a way out of the current protections that in place for non-binary soldiers.

If the change is successful it would revoke any protections in place for gender-diverse people serving in the military (in the field and support roles).

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Pixie Praise - One-third of young people in the UK aren't straight

A new study of young British people found that only two-thirds defined themselves as completely straight. With 14% saying they are "mostly" attracted to the "opposite sex", while 9% equally attracted to both sexes. Leaving 3% mostly attracted to the "same sex".

This is a dramatic shift from Baby Boomers (born between 1960-1980) who 88% identified as completely straight.

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Pony Play

It was a thought provoking article this week and one that has a lot more depth too than we can really do justice. The first place to start is what is pony play and why people enjoy it, but we quickly moved onto the types of pony and their roles. There really is so much to unpack that I think we could easily talk about it alone for a whole show.

But something else came up and that is how much of this is based on the culture of the country it is in?

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