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May 25, 2017

This week we are talking about Asexuality based on the article written for us by The Pageiest.


Caitlyn Jenner suffers transphobic abuse [0:50]

While coming out of an award ceremony where Caitlyn had been awared the Loud and Proud trophy following her transistion last year, she was abused by some thug in London. Fortunately the police are taking it seriously.

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Theresa May wants to control and regulate the Internet [3:08]

The Conservative Manifesto lays out the plan for the government to control all aspects of how the British use the Internet. Not only looking to control access to terrotist material and hate speach they have worded those to be the equivilent to porn as being harmful to us all.

"In harnessing the digital revolution, we must take steps to protect the vulnerable and give people confidence to use the internet without fear of abuse, criminality or exposure to horrific content", the manifesto claims in a section called 'the safest place to be online'.

Find out more and know what you are voting for


Oregon moves to allow third gender on driving licenses [15:37]

Being put to the vote in Oregon at the moment is a law that will allow a third "not specified" gender to be allowable on driving licenses in the state.

This is a huge step forward for civil rights in the US in recognising that male and female are not the only options.

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Asexuality [18:04]

Being Asexual is something that isn't talked about often. But there are a lot of people out there who don't feel the need for sex as other people do.

That doesn't mean they don't want companionship or have other needs they want filled. They simply don't focus on sex as their main focus.

Alix Fox on the Close Encounters podcast did a great interview with someone who identifies as asexual.

But there is a lot of misconceptions out there around what asexual people must be like. Of course none of those misconceptions are true but they persist.

Make sure you checkout The Pageist her blog and her podcast.

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May 19, 2017

This week we are talking about our article called "Why you need Kinky Friends written" by Emmeline Peaches.

Did you know we have been doing this for a year

I quickly went back and looked over what we have done and it turns out the podcast is over a year old.. and we managed to get to this point without missing any episodes. Which is a huge shock to me.

If you have been listening for a year, thank you.


Stephen Fry in trouble with Irish police for Blasphemy [4:15]

The police in Ireland are investigating a complaint of blasphemy regarding comments Stephen Fry made on a TV show in Ireland (in 2015).

If you are not offended by peoples opinions or opinions that might not be your own check out what Stephen Fry said.

Check out a clip from Holy Flying Circus, it is hilarious. It is a film well worth watching, very funny with a strong message.

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Woman found guilty for laughing at Jess Sessions [13:00]

During the swearing in of Jeff Sessions to be the next Attorney General a woman laughed when Senator Richard Shelby said that he had a record of "treating all Americans equally under the law".

She faces up to a year in prison.

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Why you need Kinky Friends [19:26]

Whether you are kinky or not having kinky friends is good for you. It allows you to open up and talking about aspects of yourself with someone who won't judge you for the things you think or feel. That sort of friendship can be incredibly liberating.

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May 12, 2017

This week we are joined by the amazing Candy Snatch as we talk about why plus size latex is important. Sorry if the sound quality isn't up to our normal standards, we did this in the car just after our photo shoot so not in the normal studio.


Trumps latest health secretary pick thinks IUDs kill babies [1.54]

Trumps newest appointment thinks that IUDs actually kill babies in the womb and has the backing of various groups known for their anti-LGBT stance.

Yoest has also said that she believes abortions cause breast cancer—a claim that has been thoroughly debunked by cancer experts—and that contraception doesn't reduce abortion rates—an idea that has also been debunked through non-partisan scientific research.

An interesting pick considering now she is in charge of the health of millions of people.

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The FCC wants to kill net neutrality [3.39]

Net neutrality is what gives all websites on the Internet a level playing field in terms of people being able to visit them. There is no preference paid to one website over another so everyone has a fair chance of being heard.

The new administration wants to get rid of these rules and allow cable companies to charge companies to get preferential treatment over others who don't/can't pay.

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Chechnya concentration camps for gay people [5.51]

The Chechen government is in the process of moving gay people to concentration camps and killing them. This has been reported a number of times but for some reason hasn't made it too the mainstream media.

This week it was discussed in parliament and yet somehow it still hasn't become big news.

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Mannequins present a dangerous view [8.33]

New research shows that the body size of mannequins in shops presents an image to men and women that is unobtainable.

"Because ultra-thin ideals encourage the development of body image problems in young people, we need to change the environment to reduce emphasis on the value of extreme thinness.

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Why designing for plus size is important [13.30]

We have started our own range of plus size clothing (at the moment in latex) because there is a serious lack of anything out there for plus size people (and anything over a 16 is a plus size - 40% of the population).

Check out our guest - Candy Snatch

Make sure you go and checkout Candy Snatch and visit her site.

To see shots from the photoshoot

They have actually already started to appear on our Instagram so go check them out there.

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May 4, 2017

This week we are talking about the article written for us by Candy Snatch on Plus size fashion woes.

The idea of a "plus size" isn't one we really like when everyone of size 16 or above is classed as "plus size" when that actually covers 47% of the population.


Isle of Wight MP steps down after calling gay people "dangerous" [4:14]

Andrew Turner the MP for the Isle of Wight has stepped down after talking to a group of students and telling them that he thought homosexuality is "wrong" and "dangerous to society".

Read more on the BBC

Digital Economies Bill to become Law [11:00]

The digital economies bill has gain royal ascent which means it is only a matter of time before it becomes law here in the UK. It has far reaching effects on the Internet, one of the most chilling is forcing porn sites to verify the age of the user before they come onto the site. This is going to have an incredibly damaging effect on the growing indy porn scene here in the UK, let alone cam-girls and other home grown porn related sites.

But the reach if much larger than that. Any porn site that can be viewed from the UK must verify the age of the user or will be blocked in the UK.

Pandora Blake has made a great video on what it is and how it works. Check it out and support her on Patreon.

Plus Size Discrimination [38:08]

If you are thin finding clothes isn't a problem. You can find interesting designs in fun colours. But if you are plus size (as almost half of the UK population is) you have a much harder time.

Plus size lingerie shop asked to take down pictures [47:52]

A lingerie show in the UK called Livi Rae was asked to take down pictures of plus size and disabled models from their shop windows because they were "in poor taste".

If it has been thin models as they had previously had nothing would have been said. But because these models were outside the norm it wasn't acceptable. The very definition of discrimination.

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