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Find out about the weird and wonderful world of sex and sexuality. From life as a cam girl to having sex with your socks on, we cover a wide range but always with humor and hopefully good advice.
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Sep 2, 2016

This week we are talking about food and sex based on this weeks article written for us by Girl on the Net.

Food and sex

"Sploshing" is the term for sex involving food, usually involving a lot of it or something very mucky. But bringing food into the bedroom (or where ever you play) can be a lot of fun.

Today we find out Andrew doesn't like getting mucky.

If you don't want to get food on your bed you can use a fluid proof sheet from Sheets of SanFrancisco.


Turns out I'm not a great fan of painting someone in chocolate, but if you do like chocolate then you can have a lot of fun


Girl on the Net makes a great point that a little cream is nice, but a mouthful of it isn't sexy at all

Getting an infection

The problem with any food is the sugar in it, once it gets into a body cavity then it can easily cause an infection. Which really isn't something you want.


Much easier to understand Ice can give you a huge range of options not just the cold feeling but as part of your sensation play to enhance your play. It has the advantage it doesn't leave behind a sticky mess.

Just make sure you don't get a ice cube stuck onto something. Run it through your hand first to give it a layer of water.


This can be very painful if it is inserted, but depending on the type of play you are going for that might be just what you are going for.

Other heating oils

Tingle lubs or oils like pepermint can have a very strong heating effect. It can be a lot of fun to play with, but make sure you try it out before you use it. What works perfectly for one person might not work at all (or be painful) for someone else.

Aug 26, 2016

This week we are talking about writing your own erotic fiction based on the article created for us by Victoria Blisse. But before we go into that we are talking about what we got up to this last weekend during Sexhibition.


For anyone who doesn't know sexhibition is an event that happens each year in Manchester. This year it was at a new venue but unfortunatly we got to see even less of it than ever. We were running our flogger workshop.

We have a little moan because if you have ever worked at one of these events you know how much fun it is but it is the hardest you can work over a three day weekend.

On the Saturday there was a lot of latex and lingerie on the cat walk, and the Sunday was a lot more about the kinkier side of things.

We did manage to catch up with a few people

  • Sheets of SanFrancisco who make the most amazing fluid proof sheets.
  • Ju Ju Jezebel - Makes the most beautiful leather and jewlery. They are off on adventures around the world.
  • Jed Phoenix - Makes just stunning military and japanese inspired clothes.
  • Emmerald Barwise - A lovely group of models who came and made floggers. So nice.
  • Charlotte Rose and Colin Chapman - The first lady of sex is a title Charlotte richly deserves for all the hard work she does.
  • Princess Almighty - Who is just the best
  • Bedroom Taboo - Who we have talked too a ton of twitter we finally got to meet :D
  • Pleasure Cardiff - Does actually listen to the podcast and is always so lovely, and who I now owe a lollypop.
  • Horny Geek Girl - Was reporting on the event and wokring with Sheets of SanFrancisco

And well done to everyone who won awards

Mark Gorry Foundation

They are an amazing group of people who give so much of their time to teaching people about testicular cancer. Something that is so easy to treat but men (and women) have no idea what to look for. We love supporting them and they do amazing work.

Check out their website and give something to them, it all helps.

Writing your own erotica

The most important lesson from the article is just get started. You are not going to be great when you start out and that is OK. You don't have to be. Write something you enjoy and take it from there.

I was talking to Quinn this week and she is writing just for herself. Why not.

Go and get your dirth thoughs on paper

Aug 19, 2016

This week we are talking about DIY homemade porn based on this weeks article on our blog written by Rebecca from A Couple of Kinks.

This weekend we are at Sexhibition in Manchester, if you are going to be there make sure you say hi.

DIY Porn

Porn has changed, thanks to the Internet not only is it easy to get but it is also now very easy to make. We all have cameras in our pockets that can shoot high quality video and even upload it directly to the Internet if you need to.

With people like the amazing Pandora Blake making their own incredibly successful porn sites like Dreams of Spanking, the field has really opened up to just about anyone who wants to make porn.

If you are going to make your own porn make sure you are prepared for people you know, will see it, and know what you are doing. You shouldn't be asshamed of it. But make sure you are happy for your mum and your friends to know.

Making your own porn

Before you jump into this with your partner make sure you have discussed what you are going to do. It might not be a 5 minute discussion, be prepared for it to take a while (months?) before you can land on something you are both comfortable with.

Be prepared to see into a process that just isn't sexy. Unless you want to have a run and gun style approach where you film it impromptu as it were then you are going to have to deal with things like lighting, camera positions (blocking), audio, props.

There is a lot of skill in filming and one benefit of filming your own porn is you can learn these skills.

I did something

I wrote a piece for EAN called "Is your vibrator spying on you". Based on a talk a pair of DefCon hackers did a few weeks ago on how to hack WeVibe vibrators. Besides the hackers being able to take over the vibrator and control it themselves.

The much more worrying part was how much information WeVibe was collecting from the app and sending back to their data center. Every time the vibe was used or the user changed the settings they were told.

What does the law have to say

Make sure you know what the laws say where you live. You need to make sure you are not breaking the law by making your own films. That goes above and beyond the problems Dreams of Spanking ran into when the UK decided it wanted to moderate the online content being created.

The UK porn laws are surprising

We are actually going to have an article on this very subject very soon but there are somethings that are worth knowing because you can break the law very easily.

Female ejaculation

While it is fine to film male ejaculation as much as you like, as soon as you film female ejaculation you have broken the law in the UK.


It is OK to see moderate harm committed to a person in a film in the UK, but as soon as it is more than "moderate" then it is illegal. What is more than "moderate", it turns out it can be as little as reddening the skin or leaving marks of any kind.

Again once you have filmed it happening you are in posession of an illegal video. There is a lot more to know about the UK porn laws, so if you are thinking of filming anything in the UK make sure you understand them.

Keeping it for yourself

There are still legal problems even if you keep the video for yourself. But on top of that you need to think about the other person. What happens if later you and this other person fall out? They might be the love of your life right now but they may not be later. Make sure you are both protected.

Revenge porn

One area the UK gets very right is revenge porn. Putting out film of your ex partner without their consent can mean fines and even prison time.

Pay to play sites

If you want to make money from your porn films you can do that as well. The Internet lets you put your films out there for the world to see, and there is going to be a huge group of people who love what you do.

Aug 12, 2016

This weeks podcast is based on this weeks article by Girl on the Net called DIY Sex toys - how to do it yourself (and how not to).

We have all thought about making our own sex toys (some more than others) and there is a whole world of stuff you can do out there from wooden spoons right the way through to getting a kit like one of ours and making something from scratch.

But a word of caution

If you do decide to make your own toys please be careful, you can put things inside you that will take a doctor to get them out, and that really isn't something any of us want.

But if you do want a laugh at some of the things people have put inside themselves then take a look at Radiopedia's Rectal Foreign Bodies page.

We will be at Sexhibition

Sexhbition is the erotic event of the year with a huge show and tons of vendors for you to get all your kinky wears and have a great time.

From Friday 19th to Sunday 21st in Manchester, you can get your tickets here.

We will be there making the mini-flogger for the lovely Sexhibitionists, it will be a lot of fun.

What Scarletteen has to say

Finally we ended with what Scarletteen has to say about DIY sex toys. A great resource for teens and really anyone.

Keep in touch

Thanks for listening, if you want to find us or tell us what you have done with DIY sex toys. Talk to us on twitter or email podcast at kinkcraft dot co

Aug 4, 2016

This week we are talking about beautiful burlesque based on the article we had written for us by Molly Moore.

But before that we have some fan mail

Going back to the podcast we did on Camgirls a fan tells us what she gets from watching shows on her own or with her partner. Thank you.

Where does the word Burlesque come from?

Is it just about the little hats? What do you think about when someone says "Burlesque" to you? We think about movement and dance, with comedy and comment thrown in.

The word comes from the Italian word "Burla" meaning joke, ridicule, or mockery. The origin of it as a form goes back to the 16th and 17th century where it was a form of parody theatre.

Nudity wasn't part of Burlesque until America got it's hands on it. It died off as an art around the middle of the 20th century, and was then revived around the 1970's.

Dita von teese

Check out her great book "Burlesque and the art of the teese", only £19.99 on Amazon. Well worth getting, and when you turn it over it's all about fetish.

World burlesque games

Part of the london burlesque festival it actually takes place a number of times a year. It happens over the course of a week, you can check out the audtions over the course of week, then on the Friday and Saturday they have the actual show where the games take place.

It is different every time

They key thing for us is just how varied it is. No two shows are ever the same, even when put on by the same performer every one brings their own take to the art.

In a few weeks we will be at Sexhibition and there is going to be an amazing show. But we are not goign to get to see any of it.

If you get a chance to check out Pyrohex they are worth watching.

If you are looking for a fair and would like some entertainment thrown in then check outAlternative & Burlesque fair.

Fun fact about the Moulin Rouge

Did you know that since 1963 they only put on reviews that start with the letter F. Check out the wikipedia article for more details.

That's the show

Check us out on twitter, or visit the website.

Jul 28, 2016

What is Erotic Fan Fiction, put simply it is witting your own story based on the characters or setting of someone has created. This is based on our article by Victoria Blisse.

Is it legal to create your own fan fiction? Turns out that is a tricky question. You need to understand copyright and how it is applied in your country.

Since 1995 Copyright is granted on all creative works up to 70 years after the authors death. At which point it becomes public domain. Before 1956 most content isn't copyrighted at all, but make sure you read the law before you do anything with them.

Some useful articles:

Example: Sherlock Holmes

Correction: Almost entirely in the public domain

Because of a quirk in the copyright law (published before 1956) some of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories have been granted 95 year protections after the author died. That means 10 of the 56 Sherlock Holmes stories (published between 1923 - 1927) are actually still in copyright.

In 2013 this was challenged in a court in the US (and subsequently the US court of appeal) rejected the claim that having 10 stories still in copyright protects the entire character as wrong. It points out that only character traits adding in those final 10 stories is still in copyright, everything else about Sherlock Holmes and his world is public domain.

Sources (Telegraphy, TechDirt)

Where did 50 shades come from?

50 Shades of Gray was originally Twighlight fanfiction. Pixie had trouble seeing how the two of them could be the same characters. But if you change the names, remove the vampire element, you basically have the same story. Older man seduces and controls the innocent young girl and has his wicked way with her (really could be any book).

Trekies introduced me to fanfiction

Correction: I totally forgot they had all the artwork they had both been given as well as the stories that had been created.

Jul 21, 2016

This week we are talking about erotic video games based on the article by Girl on the Net. There is a lot of fun in this article with a lot of memories for both of us.

Leisure suite larry

We strat with the classic game "Leisure Suite Larry", but we go back even further to the ZX Spectrum and how there is even sexy games on that, and lots of them. Check out (world of spectrum)[]

If we go right back to the dawn of the Internet, before there were web pages there was bulletin boards. On there you (could get ASCI art porn)[].

Girlfriend simulators

What about girlfriend simulators? That is a real thing especially in Japan. we talk about what they are and Andrew explains what one is like. Then things take a turn for the more strange and we talk about the weird pigeon girlfriend simulator

We muse on what an English girlfirend simulator would be like... Cups of tea, hard nips, and drizzle is the conclusion.

Other cultures have a huge effect on sex, but why don't we talk about French and Italian sex culture? We know American and Japan, that is all out there.

Cock hero

This is something we had never even heard of. It is literally porn clips with music put over the top, with a bar that tells you when you stroke your bits.

Virtual Reality

Finally we talk a little about virtual reality. It is an emerging technology and of course porn is already exploring it. There is still a lot to learn about where this technology is going to go, and we are really excited by the possibilities.

We even talk about Pokemon Go and how that is affecting your kids and while it is getting kids out, is it something to worry about? Or is it just a fad?

Hak5 did a great video showing off what you can do with 360 video.

Over to you

What do you think? Have you played any of these games? What is your favorite? We would love to know.

Head over to the website and signup for the newsletter

Jul 14, 2016
This is based on our article this week called Erotic audio ( by Victoria Blisse ( When you think of erotica audio isn't the first thing that springs to mind. Books and art are the first things we think of, but why not? Find out why. Erotic audio can take many forms. It can be stories you find online, listen to other people reading. Or it can be stories you speak to someone else or even record for them. Find out more about Mystery Vibe ( Has KD Grace ( (an awesome author) read The Dresden Files? We listened to one of her stories at Eroticon and it made me wonder. Find out some more about the great KD Grace on her website ( We also talk about Girl on the Net and her book ( and how I would love her to read her own book. Plus I RANT about The Dresden Files, specifically the TV version which they utterly killed.
Jul 8, 2016
This week we are discussing the article "The surprising life of a Camgirl" ( written for us by Erryn Embers ( Follow burlesque artist Tickety Boo on twitter ( "If people take the time to look behind the stereotypes then we can help to end the sex work stigma"
Jun 30, 2016
This week we are talking about Erotic Photography, but we are throwing in a quick discussion on Brexit and the awful new Ghostbusters theme music. The article for this weeks episode - written by the fantastic Molly Moore. Check out her website or twitter Check out the new Ghostbuster theme by Fall Out Boy featuring Missy Elliott Is Ghostbuster's important to you? It is really REALLY important to me. We have very different opinions on it. Should we have a movie podcast? We get on to classic film that is "The Wicker Man" - We do talk sexy stuff I promise. Erotic Photography There is a lot more depth to it than you might think, and you can use it as a voyage of self discovery. It doesn't have to be candid and naked. It can simply be suggestive. But you can use it as a tool for finding out more about yourself and grow your confidence. Who knows what you might find out about yourself, you might even start to love who you are. As well as growing your skills in something you love.
Jun 23, 2016
State of sex education in UK schools Original article by Screw_Taboo We talk about what we learned last time and how a number of people have talked to us about the A-Spot having not heard about it before. What was sex education like back in New Zealand for Pixie? Turns out it was very basic and most of it not very useful. The level of sex education a child gets seems to be entirely dependent on where you live. That is before you bring religious or private schools. Then the parents are given the choice to stop their child getting that education as well. Only 34% of children leaving school understand what consent is in sexual relationships. Q&A: SHOULD I BUY MY DAUGHTER A SEX TOY? from Sh - Some newsagents are just porn central :P A little about what happened at ETO (Erotic Trade Only). Got to meet some of amazing companies out there as well as the amazing bloggers. We have talked to a lot of them and was just awesome to put faces to names. Check out the awesome Brit Babes - Cara Sutra's review of our new flogger -
Jun 16, 2016
Based on this weeks article from called "Why would you want to go to adult sex education" Do you know how to find the g-spot, a-spot, u-spot and p-spot? No? Don't worry nor could we to start with. So it looks like we all need a little education. What is the no-nose club? Something else we had no idea about. I even sneak in a cheeky reference to one of my favorite scientest Tycho Brahe and Kepler... But I said "Copernicus" in the podcast. While related Kepler was what I meant to say... My nerd club member is already in the post going back as I don't deserve it. Why would you want to go to adult sex education classes? Screw Taboo explains some of her reasons for going and what is out there. What can you actually learn about your own body let alone someone elses. What classes are out there, some things can be learned from the internet but other things have to be learned. The Sh! Womanstore for instance run lots of classes . We invent the next big thing "The Sex Ed BBQ" Where to find kink friendly therapists
Jun 9, 2016
This week we are talking about an article written by Girl on the Net called "So you want to be a sec blogger, what it's really like" (find the original article here ). Something we have come to realise over the last year is that writing for a living is really hard. Especially if you want to be successful. Girl on the Net is very successful with two books, awards, nominations, columns in news papers and magazines, etc. So getting to peek into just how much work goes into her own site along with how much time she spends on other work is enlightening. We talk about how the fantasy of being a sex blogger is so far removed from the reality.
Jun 2, 2016
This week we are talking about Girl on the Net's article on fantasy ideas. We start off with decompressing after Eroticon and missing being there then on to fantasies. Find out we don't really get fantasies and how we struggle to understand the appeal of them. The article has a number ideas and we talk about them. Is the Teacher/Pupil fantasy a very British thing or is it much more universal than that? Does it work the same way for someone from New Zealand as it does for someone in the UK. Find out why Andrew has a specific problem with Doctor/Nurse role play and how the Carry On films have screwed him up using that as a fantasy. Plus an interesting facts about Hattie Jacques. We talk about how the "strangers in the night" idea actually needs you to try out something a little more than just going to the pub and picking up your other half. There is a lot more you can do. Playing with Game of Thrones as a source of fantasies. How about your own version puppy play but with dragons? Finishing off with Walking Dead fantasies. The reality show we talked about was called "I survived a zombie apocalypse", it was on BBC.
May 26, 2016
This week we are doing something a little different. Rather than talking about the great post given too us by Girl on the Net ( we are instead talking about our weekend at Eroticon Live in Bristol. We were there running two of our workshop and in between catching up with the awesome bloggers and writers, and sitting in on the amazing classes that were taking place. Interviews Girl on the Net - Go and get her book right now!: Mike (DomSigns) - Molly - Pandora Blake - Support her on Patreon -
May 19, 2016
This week we are talking about when your fantasies should stay just as fantasies in your head. Sometimes we want to get them out, other times it might be best if they stayed in your head. Based on the article from this week:
May 12, 2016
Rape play sounds like a very scary idea but it isn't really what you might think. Find out why you might already be toying with the ideas and how to explore it for yourself in a safe and sane way. Check out the full article
May 4, 2016
Today we are talking about the article we put out this week "How to do role play without feeling silly" Mentioned in the show: The wonderful author: Victoria Blise The amazing illustrator: Amy Gardner
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